AES London 2010
Special Event

Sunday, May 23, 19:00 — 20:30 (Room C2)

Heyser Lecture
followed by
Technical Council

The Richard C. Heyser distinguished lecturer for the 128th AES Convention is Brian C. J. Moore, Professor of Auditory Perception, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge. The topic of his lecture is "Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids."

Hearing loss affects more than 10% of the adult population in most countries and is especially prevalent among the elderly. The most common form of hearing loss arises from dysfunction of the cochlea in the inner ear. In most cases, the only form of treatment is via hearing aids or (for profound losses) cochlear implants. In this lecture I will review some of the perceptual consequences of hearing loss, which involve much more than just loss of sensitivity to weak sounds. I will then describe the signal processing that is performed in hearing aids and will consider the extent to which hearing aids “compensate” for hearing loss. Possible avenues for the future will be discussed.