AES London 2010
Special Event

Monday, May 24, 11:00 — 13:00 (Room C2)

AES/APRS—Life in the Old Dogs Yet—Part Two: Quality and Quantity—A Costly Dilemma

George Massenburg, GML LLC
Simon Drake, Naim Label Reocrds
Barry Fox
Rob Kelly, Air/Strongroom Studios
Crispin Murray, Metropolis Mastering

Legendary audio polymath George Massenburg presents his take on the value of aspiring to the heights of quality. This is followed by a panel discussing whether a way can be found to square the circle between the desire to achieve long-term, multi-format, re-exploitable catalog and short-term production cost-cutting?. Clearly, quality is not simply a matter of applying technology. The panel will ponder on how the need to sustain realistic investment in recording budgets may be a challenge to many studio clients and how much do recording costs impact upon quality and success?