AES London 2010
Recording Industry Event T6

Monday, May 24, 09:00 — 10:15 (Room C1)

T6 - Classical Music with Perspective

Sabine Maier, Tonmeister - Vienna, Austria

Concerts of classical music, as well as operas, have been a part of broadcast programing since the beginning of television. The aesthetic relationship between sound and picture plays an important part in the satisfactory experience of the consumer. The question how far the audio perspective (if at all!) should follow the video angle (or vice versa) has always been a subject of discussion among sound engineers and producers. In the course of a diploma work this aspect has been investigated systematically. One excerpt of the famous New Year's Concert (from 2009) has been remixed into four distinctly different versions (in stereo and surround sound). Close to 80 laymen who expressed an interest in classical music had the task of judging these versions to the same picture if they found the audio perspective appropriate to the video or not.

In this tutorial the experimental procedure as well as the results will be discussed. Examples of the different mixes will be played.