AES London 2010
Recording Industry Event W3

Saturday, May 22, 16:00 — 18:00 (Room C6)

W3 - Calibration of Analog Reproducing Equipment for Digitization Projects

George Brock-Nannestad, Patent Tactics - Denmark
Sean W. Davies, S.W. Davies Ltd. - UK
Andrew Pearson, British Library Sound Archive - UK
Peter Posthumus, Post Sound Ltd.

Analog reproduction equipment sees its last use in the transfer of audio content to digital files. In order to obtain the optimal signal from the carrier (tape and disc) the equipment has to be adjusted. In order to obtain traceability the equipment has to be calibrated. Generations of technicians that did this on a regular basis are vanishing quickly, and making available calibration materials, such as the AES-S001-064 Coarse-groove Calibration disc, is not enough when the know-how for its use is lacking. This workshop aims to redress this situation, in that it provides a firm theoretical underpinning of practical demonstrations, in which the basic principles of calibration and alignment will be discussed along with logging the activity. Keywords are: calibration and alignment of analog tape reproducers, including equipment for tapes that have been encoded, such as Dolby-A and Dolby SR. Furthermore calibration and alignment of gramophone record reproducing equipment will be discussed. Active discussion is encouraged and may spill over into optical sound as found on films.