AES London 2010
Broadcast Audio Event TT2

Sunday, May 23, 10:00 — 12:00

TT2 - BBC – Broadcasting House

This impressive building in London W1 has been the headquarters of the BBC since 1932 and is under going a major redevelopment to ensure its future for the 21st century. Broadcasting House is the home of BBC National Radio and as well as its historic interior it houses a modern London Control Room, the main offices, and studios for Radio 3 (classical) and Radios 4 and 7 (speech). The building also contains a range of production studios, including Radio Drama facilities and the beautiful Art Deco Radio Theatre (concert hall) which was refurbished and subsequently reopened in 2006. Next door to Val Myer's Broadcasting House, work continues on the second phase of the development, which is on schedule to open in 2012 and will provide a modern extension to house BBC News and the BBC's World Service, making this central London site the largest, live broadcasting center in the world.

Capacity limited to 30 persons. Transportation by tube.

Price: Free