AES New York 2009
Workshop W12

Saturday, October 10, 3:30 pm — 4:30 pm

W12 - Teaching Electronics to Audio Recording Students, Why Bother?

Michael Stucker, Indiana University - IN, USA
Eric Brengle, Swinghouse Studios - CA, USA
Eddie Ciletti, Tangible Technology - MN, USA
Dale Manquen, MANCO - CA, USA
Walter Sear, Sear Sound - NY, USA
Bill Whitlock, Jensen Transformers - CA, USA

There is little doubt that recording engineers can benefit from a knowledge of electronics, so it makes sense to include it in an audio recording curriculum. However, with recording technique, music theory, acoustics, listening, and computer technology demanding more and more course time, how can we integrate electronics into an audio recording curriculum yet ensure that it remains pertinent and applicable to the audio industry of today?

This workshop aims to get feedback from professionals about what level of electronics knowledge they would like from graduates entering the field and encourage an enhanced dialog between the recording and education communities. The workshop will identify goals and outcomes for a practical electronics curriculum, determine an ideal skill set for students that are entering the 21st century marketplace, and investigate an instruction methodology to achieve those ends. The panel will consist of professionals and educators and will explore issues such as teaching materials, lecture vs. lab-based instruction, project based learning, a core knowledge base, and methods for building a continuing dialog between professionals and educators.