AES New York 2009
Tutorial T6

Monday, October 12, 1:30 pm — 3:30 pm

T6 - Parametric Digital Reverberation

Jean-Marc Jot, DTS Inc. - Scotts Valley, CA, USA

This tutorial is intended for audio algorithm designers and students interested in the design and applications of digital reverberation algorithms. Artificial reverberation has long been an essential tool in the studio and is a critical component of modern desktop audio workstations and interactive audio rendering systems for gaming, virtual reality, and telepresence. Feedback delay networks yield computationally efficient tunable reverberators that can reproduce natural room reverberation decays with arbitrary fidelity, configurable for various spatial audio encoding and reproduction systems and formats.

This session will include a review of early digital reverberation developments and of the physical, perceptual, and signal properties of room reverberation; a general and rational method for designing digital reverberators, and a discussion of reverberation network topologies; flexible and accurate parametric tuning of the reverberation decay time; analysis and simulation of existing reverberation decays; the Energy Decay Relief of a reverberation response and its interpretation; practical applications in audio production and game audio rendering, illustrated by live demonstrations.