AES New York 2009
Live Sound Seminar Details

Friday, October 9, 9:00 am — 12:00 pm

History of Live Sound

Thomas Shevlin
Roy Clair
David Robb
Abe Jacob
Rusty Brutsche

Presented by Toronto-based Sr. Engineer Thomas Shevlin, this session will feature a panel of pioneers of live touring and Broadway sound. Opening with a slideshow reaching back before the 1920s origins of live sound systems, Shevlin and his panelists will discus what originally drew them to the field, its progression during their careers, and their vision of the future. The session will conclude with a lively Q & A.

Friday, October 9, 2:30 pm — 4:15 pm

L1 - Sound System Design and Installation Considerations for Churches and HOWs

Bill Thrasher, Thrasher Design Group, Inc. - Kennesaw, GA, USA
Jeff Davidson, First Baptist Church Dallas, TX
David Hatmaker, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems
Blair McNair, Schoolhouse AV
Michael Petterson, Shure Incorporated

One of the industry's largest and most rapidly expanding markets, the House of Worship sector, has been a boon to both professional audio services and to the HOW's spreading of their message. Issues ranging from budget to design and install, service to training, and operation will be examined from the perspectives of the client, consultant, contractor, and operator.

Friday, October 9, 4:30 pm — 6:15 pm

L2 - Microphone Dressing

Mary McGregor - New York, NY, USA

Fitting actors with wireless microphone elements and wireless transmitters has become a detailed art form. From ensuring the actor is comfortable and the electronics is safe and secure, to getting the proper sound with minimal detrimental audio effects all while maintaining the visual illusion, one of the most widely recognized artisans in this field provides hands on demonstrations of basic technique along with some time tested “tricks of the trade.”

Saturday, October 10, 9:00 am — 10:45 am

L3 - Good Mic Techniques—It's Not Just for the Studio

Dean Giavaras, Shure Incorporated - Niles, IL, USA
John Convertino
Dave Hewitt
Scott Lehrer
Stephan Scherthan
Robert Scovill
Dave Shadoan

One critical factor for a good sounding live event is selecting, placing, and using the right microphones for the particular application. This workshop will feature a panel of experts who will discuss their tips, tricks, and experience for getting the job done right at the start of the signal path.

Saturday, October 10, 11:00 am — 12:45 pm

L4 - Exploring the Low End—Measuring and Aligning Subwoofers

Sam Berkow, SIA Acoustics - New York, NY, USA
Derek Featherstone, FOH Mixer, The Dead
Ralph Heinz, Renkus Heinz
Albert Lecesse, Audio Analysts
Jim Wischmeyer, Bag End

In measuring and setting up sound systems, no topic raises more questions (and eyebrows) than how to measure and optimize the performance of subwoofers. Whether considering how to align a subwoofer to the low frequency section of a cluster or trying to create an array of subwoofers that offers "pattern" control—figuring out which measurements will be helpful and how to effectively understand and use the measured data can be a daunting task. This live sound seminar will use real world data, measured live during the event, to explore these and other issues related to measuring and optimizing a system's low end performance.

Saturday, October 10, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm

L5 - White Space and TVBD Update

Henry Cohen, Production Radio Rentals - White Plains, NY, USA
Mark Brunner, Shure Incorporated - Niles, IL, USA
Joe Ciaudelli, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation - Old Lyme, CT, USA
Edgar Reihl, Shure Incorporated - Niles, IL, USA

The DTV conversion is mostly complete; the impact of this and related FCC decisions is of great concern to wireless microphone users. Exactly what is the status of the 700 MHz spectrum and equipment? What types of interference will the proposed Television Band Devices likely create, and what are the proposed methods of mitigation? Will there be an FCC crack-down on unlicensed microphone use? This panel will discuss the latest FCC rule decisions and decisions still pending.

Saturday, October 10, 3:00 pm — 4:45 pm

L6 - Practical Advice for Wireless System Users

James Stoffo
Joe Ciaudelli, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation - Old Lyme, CT, USA
Doug Totel, Shure Incorporated - Niles, IL, USA
Karl Winkler, Lectrosonics - Rio Rancho, NM, USA

From houses of worship to wedding bands to community theaters, there are small to medium-sized wireless microphone systems and IEMs in use by the hundreds of thousands. Unlike the Super Bowl or the Grammys, these smaller systems often do not have dedicated technicians, sophisticated frequency coordination, or in many cases even the proper basic attention to system setup. This panel will begin with a basic discussion of the elements of properly choosing components, designing systems, and setting them up in order to minimize the potential for interference while maximizing performance. Topics covered will include antenna selection and placement, coax, spectrum scanning, frequency coordination, gain structure, system monitoring, and simple testing/troubleshooting procedures. Briefly covered will also be planning for upcoming RF spectrum changes.

This session will be preceded by an update on the current state of RF spectrum and TVBDs.

Saturday, October 10, 5:00 pm — 6:45 pm

L7 - The Greening of the Band: Green Solutions for Touring for the Live Engineer

John Krivit, New England Institute of Art - Brookline, MA, USA
Tom Bensen, RF Productions of NY
Albert Leccese, Audio Analysts
David Shadoan, Sound Image
Neal Turley, Sustainable Waves
Robert Goldstein, Maryland Sound International

Green solutions for touring have been embraced by the live sound business with artists such as Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Guster, Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, Barenaked Ladies, and Sheryl Crow all incorporating practices that lessen the environmental impact that touring can inflict. As these measures drift further into the mainstream of the industry, it becomes essential for all touring professionals to stay informed of new professional standards. Join AES Education Committee Vice Chair John Krivit along with a panel of experts, advocates, and artists to find out how you can reduce the carbon footprint of your tour.

Sunday, October 11, 11:00 am — 12:45 pm

L8 - 10 Things to Get Right with Sound Reinforcement Systems

Peter Mapp, Peter Mapp Associates - Colchester, Essex, UK
Mark Engerbretsen, QSC Audio Products - Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Chris Foreman, Community Professional Loudspeakers - Chester, PA, USA
Kurt Graffy, Arup Acoustics

This Live Sound Event will discuss the ten most important things to get right when designing/operating sound reinforcement and PA systems. However, as attendees at the event will learn, there are many more things to consider than just these ten golden rules, and that the order of importance of these often change depending upon the venue and type of system. We aim to provide a practical approach to sound system design and operation illustrated with many practical examples and case histories. Each panelist has many years of practical experience and between them can cover just about any aspect of sound reinforcement and PA systems design, operation, and technology. Come along to an event that aims to answer questions you never knew you had.

Sunday, October 11, 2:30 pm — 4:15 pm

L9 - Automixing for Live Sound

Michael "Bink" Knowles - San Francisco, CA, USA
Bruce Cameron, Sound Diva
Dan Dugan, Dan Dugan Sound Design
Kevin Maxwell
Enrique Perez Gonzalez
Peter Schneider, Gotham Sound

This session offers the live sound mixer a comprehensive discussion of automixer considerations with panelists covering the strengths and weaknesses of automixer topologies and algorithms with respect to their sound quality and ease of use in the field. Analog and digital systems will be compared. Real world applications will be presented and discussed. Questions from the audience will be encouraged.

Sunday, October 11, 4:30 pm — 6:15 pm

L10 - Networking Digital Audio in Live Sound

Jim Risgin, On Stage Audio
Brad Benn, Crown International
Rick Kreifeldt, Harman
Abert Lecesse, Audio Analysts
Marc Lopez, Yamaha Corp.
Varuni Witana, Audinate

This session will discuss the challenges and planning involved with deploying digital audio in the sound reinforcement environment. The panel will cover not just the use of digital audio but some of the factors to be considered during the design and application of digital networking within the audio system. While no one solution fits every application, after this panel discussion you will be better able to understand the issues at hand.

Monday, October 12, 9:00 am — 10:45 am

L11 - State of the Art Loudspeaker Design for Live Sound

Tom Young, Electroacoustic Design Services - Oxford, CT, USA
Dave Gunness, Fulcrum Acoustic
Charlie Hughes, Excelsior Audio Design & Services, LLC
Doug Jones, Danley Sound Labs

Following last year's roundtable discussion with six leading live sound loudspeaker design engineers, this year we have invited three designers back to discuss more specific areas of interest. Dave Gunness (Fulcrum Acoustic) will dispel a few myths and offer his insights into some aspects of how loudspeakers are designed and optimized today. Doug Jones (Danley Sound Labs) will focus on the GH 60, an innovative passive fullrange device with asymmetrical coverage levels. Charlie Hughes (Excelsior Audio Design and Services) will discuss HF horn pattern flip and determining crossover parameters between subwoofers and whatever is above.

Monday, October 12, 11:00 am — 12:45 pm

L12 - AC Power and Grounding

Bruce C. Olson, Olson Sound Design - Brooklyn Park, MN, USA
Paul Garrity, Auerback Pollock Friedlander - New York, NY, USA
Dave Stevens, Cirque du Soleil - Las Vegas, NV, USA
Bill Whitlock, Jensen Transformers - Chatsworth, CA, USA

There is a lot of misinformation about what is needed for AC power for gigs. Much of it has to do with life-threatening advice. This panel will discuss how to provide AC power properly so that you do not kill performers or technicians. Oh, and we can also do it safely without causing noise problems. The only question is, why doesn't everybody know this!

We'll start at the outlet and make our way back to the source of power, while covering systems from a couple boxes on sticks up to multiple stages in ballrooms, road houses, and event centers. We will discuss large scale installed systems, including multiple transformers and company switches, service types, generator sets, 1ph, 3ph, 240/120 208/120 and explain what all the lingo means. Get the latest information on grounding and typical configurations by this panel of industry veterans.

Monday, October 12, 2:30 pm — 4:45 pm

L13 - Innovations in Live Sound

Ken Lopez, University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Bill Hanley, Hanley Audio Systems
Albert Leccese, Audio Analysts
John Monitto, Meyer Sound Laboratories
David Scheirman, JBL Professional
Robert Scovill, Digidesign

New techniques and products are often driven by changes in need and available technology. Today's sound professional has a myriad of products to choose from. That wasn’t always the case. What drove the creation of today’s products? What will drive the products of tomorrow? Sometimes a look back is the best way to get a peek ahead. A panel of industry pioneers and trailblazers will take a look back at past live sound innovations with an emphasis on the needs and constraints that drove their development and adoption.