AES New York 2009
Live Sound Seminar L11

Monday, October 12, 9:00 am — 10:45 am

L11 - State of the Art Loudspeaker Design for Live Sound

Tom Young, Electroacoustic Design Services - Oxford, CT, USA
Dave Gunness, Fulcrum Acoustic
Charlie Hughes, Excelsior Audio Design & Services, LLC
Doug Jones, Danley Sound Labs

Following last year's roundtable discussion with six leading live sound loudspeaker design engineers, this year we have invited three designers back to discuss more specific areas of interest. Dave Gunness (Fulcrum Acoustic) will dispel a few myths and offer his insights into some aspects of how loudspeakers are designed and optimized today. Doug Jones (Danley Sound Labs) will focus on the GH 60, an innovative passive fullrange device with asymmetrical coverage levels. Charlie Hughes (Excelsior Audio Design and Services) will discuss HF horn pattern flip and determining crossover parameters between subwoofers and whatever is above.