AES New York 2009
Game Audio Session G4

Saturday, October 10, 3:00 pm — 4:00 pm

G4 - Portable Surround Sound by Headphones—Main Research and Suitable Practice

Florian M. Koenig, Ultrasone AG & Florian König Enterprises GmbH
Juha Backman, Nokia Corporation - Helsinki, Finland
Steffan Diedrichsen, Apple, Inc.
Robert Schulein

Consumer exposure to surround sound systems and the increasing availability or complex music, games, and entertainment products are ushering in a new generation spatializing advanced head-related reproduction of sound. The complete process of 3-D sound recording and reproduction of sound needs to be coordinated between developers and (game) creators of this equipment. This workshop will explain a variety of established methods in 2.0 binaural or more channel surround sound implications for consumer headphones and their interfaces. Synthesized dynamic binaural pannings or experiences with surround processing in mobiles will also be discussed. Further key points are: 3-D production techniques, manual binaural user control, perspectives in head tracking—just for realistic front/back auditory events with variable distance perceptions or ALL individuals?