AES New York 2009
Exhibitor Seminar

Friday, October 9, 4:30 pm — 6:30 pm

Manhattan Producers Alliance

Steve Horowitz, Moderator, The Code Internationa
Joe Carroll, ManhatPro Founder
Frank Ferrucci, Leenalisa Music
Scott Freiman, Second Act Studios
Steve Horelick, Steve H Music
Elizabeth Rose, Elizabeth Rose Music
Sam Howard Spink, New York University
Wade Tonken, Noize Factory
John Van Eps, Van Eps Music

Welcome to the Digital Apocalypse
Welcome to the Digital Apocalypse! Advanced tips and tricks for super-sizing your career in a down economy. This fast paced, info-packed presentation is essential for composers and producers in all mediums (music producers, songwriters, educators, and students) who are interested in staying on top of the changing face of the rapidly evolving audio/music business. This high level group of industry pros will each give short presentations on specific topics: new directions in audio studios, education, record labels, licensing deals, and much more. Each mini presentation will focus on a specific area of the business. This is sure to be a freewheeling and highly informative discussion for those just starting out in the business as well as long time industry pros.

* So You Think You Got Game? Game Audio Production, and Education: Steve Horelick (Steve H Music), Sam Howard Spink (NYU)
* Pro Audio Education in the Schools and Beyond: New
Education and Production Models
: Joe Carroll (ManhatPro Founder), Wade Tonken (Noize Factory)
* How to Get and Keep a Gig: The Changing Face of the Music and Audio Biz for Film/TV: Scott Freiman (Second Act Studios), Frank Ferrucci (Leenalisa Music)
* Music by the Foot: Advanced Lessons in Music Licensing and Dealing with Music Libraries: John Van Eps (Van Eps
Music), Elizabeth Rose (Elizabeth Rose Music) Steve Horowitz - Moderator (The Code International)