AES New York 2009
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B8

Sunday, October 11, 9:00 am — 10:30 am

B8 - Lip Sync Issue

Jonathan Abrams, Nutmeg Post
Aldo Cugnini, AGC Systems LLC
Graham Jones, National Association of Broadcasters
Steve Lyman, Dolby Laboratories
Mark Schubin, Metropolitan Opera

Lip sync remains a complex problem, with several causes and few solutions. From production, through transmission, and ultimately reception, there are many points where lip sync can either be properly corrected or made even worse. This session's panel will discuss several key issues.

What is the perspective of the NAB and SMPTE regarding lip sync? Where do the latency issues exist? What are the recommendations from the ITU and ATSC? What correction techniques exist? How does video display design affect lip sync? Are there mechanisms for ensuring lip sync is maintained when the signal reaches your television? Join us as our panel addresses these questions and more.