AES New York 2009
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B4

Saturday, October 10, 9:00 am — 10:30 am

B4 - Digital Audio Networks in the Studio

Neil Glassman
Tag Borland, Logitek
Kelly Parker, Wheatstone
Greg Shay, Telos-Omnia-Axia
Ted Staros, Harris

This session explores the use of digital audio networking within audio origination facilities by examining the underlying technologies, deployment issues, and implications for workflow. Networked audio takes advantage of established technologies to easily and economically create real-time audio networks using standard telecommunications cabling and components. With digital audio networking, multiple audio signals can be sent over a single connection and the degradation and delay that multiple conversions introduce are reduced, the routing, distribution, and mixing of audio signals is performed in the digital domain and conversion only takes place at the edges of the network. Most systems are capable of managing both audio and control/status data, while some also incorporate video, telco, and other data services.