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For Release: September 29, 2008

Papers Augment 125th AES Convention Technical Authority

165 Presentations Scheduled Over Intensive Four-Day Event    

Veronique Larcher SAN FRANCISCO:  “Technical Paper presentations represent an essential element of the Audio Engineering Society,” states 125th  AES Convention Co-Chair John Strawn.  “Papers provide the intellectual, procedural and scientific concepts which enable our attendees to share their knowledge and experience with their peers."  This year Papers Committee Co-Chairs Veronique Larcher, Rob Maher and their team of technical reviewers gleaned through a record number of 174 submissions, "a daunting and labor intensive assignment,” Strawn adds. “However, the diversity and quality of their selections stand as a testament to their enthusiasm, professionalism and endurance.”  The 125th AES Convention will be held at the Moscone Center, October 2 – 5, 2008.
“We were extremely impressed with the technical level of this year’s submissions,” Veronique Larcher said.  “The 165 accepted submissions have been grouped as 94 individual thirty-minute lectures (47 hours) and 71 poster presentations. There are two basic distinctions between these formats,” Larcher adds.  “Papers are designed for audiences of up to 100 attendees.  Posters are more interactive presentations geared for smaller groups of 25 or less.” 
Papers Co-Chair Rob Maher reports that the subject matter covered by 125th Convention Papers presentations is representative of Professional Audio's constantly expanding sphere of interest and influence.  “A brief sampling of titles listed below will provide attendees with a sense of the diversity of the options available.  For a comprehensive listing of all Paper and Poster presentations including abstracts we suggest they visit the Calendar of Events.   The CD-ROM containing all of the convention papers is an indispensible addition to the technical literature.  It may be purchased on site at the Convention, or online at following the Convention."
Among the Paper presentations scheduled for the 125th AES Convention are:
An Initial Validation of Individualized Crosstalk Cancellation Filters for Binaural Perceptual Experiments (Student Technical Papers Award Winner to be presented Saturday, Oct. 4th 9AM to noon.)
An Investigation of Audio Balance for Elderly Listeners using Loudness as the Main Parameter
Rapid Learning of Subjective Reference in Equalization
A Digital Model of the Echoplex Tape Delay   
Separation of Singing Voice From Music Accompaniment With Unvoiced Sound Reconstruction for Monaural Recordings
Microphone Front-Ends for Spatial Audio Coders
STFT-Domain Estimation of Subband Correlations   
Photo: 125th AESPapers Committee Co-Chair Veronique Larcher.  Please credit Alex Storm, courtesy of Dolby Laboratories. 
The 125th AES Convention will be held in San Francisco’s Moscone Center October 2-5, 2008.  For information please visit
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