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For Release: September 12, 2008

125th AES Convention Charts Live Sound Events


Automixing, White Space Issues, Innovations in Live Sound & More
Jonathan Novick SAN FRANCISCO:  Perhaps the most visible star in the pro audio universe, Live Sound is the embodiment of hands-on mixing and micing.  There are no do-overs on the road.  Thousands of sound reinforcement professionals from around the world will visit the 125th AES Convention in SF’s Moscone Center October 2-5. “Our Live Sound Event Co-Chairs Bob Lee and Jonathan Novick have fine-tuned a program geared to help attendees hone their craft,” states Convention Co-Chair John Strawn.  “Visitors will acquire invaluable information from a rich pallet of Tutorials, Papers, Platinum Panels and Workshops. We have always prided ourselves on exceptional Live Events. This year we’ve got a bumper crop.”
The Live Sound Events Program includes:
AC POWER AND GROUNDING:  Chair, Bruce C. Olson, Olson Sound Design; Panelists - Bill Whitlock, Jensen Transformers and David Stevens, Carlson Sound,will discuss the critical issues of how to provide AC power, avoid hum and avoid killing  performers, technicians and yourself.  They will also address the use of generator sets and myths and facts about grounding. 
RF WHITE SPACE ISSUES:   Chair: Chris Lyons, Shure Inc., panelist, Henry Cohen, Production Radio Rentals will discuss the DTV conversion scheduled for completion in February, 2009. FCC decisions surrounding this event are of great concern to wireless mic users. Will 700 MHz band mics retain type certification? Will proposed white space devices create new interference? Will there be an FCC crack-down on unlicensed mic use?  These and other critical issues will be addressed.
PRACTICAL ADVICE FOR WIRELESS MIC USERS:  Chair: Karl Winkler, Lectrosonics – Panelists: Henry Cohen, Production Radio Rentals; Shannon Slaton, Sound Designer and Michael Petterson, Shure Inc:  From houses of worship to wedding bands and community theaters, small-to-medium-sized wireless microphone systems and IEMs are in constant use everywhere. Unlike Super Bowl/Grammy scale events, these systems rarely have the luxury of dedicated technicians or sophisticated frequency coordination. This panel will cover the basics of component selection and designing / installing systems that minimize interference and maximize performance. 
AUTOMIXING FOR LIVE SOUND:  Chair, Michael 'Bink' Knowles, freelance live sound mixer. Panelists: Dan Dugan, Dan Dugan Sound Design Gordon Moore, Lectrosonics; Tom Stuckman, Peavey Electronics; Mac Kerr, freelance live sound mixer.  This seminar offers live sound mixers an opportunity to audition various analog and digital automixers. Panelists will discuss system strengths and weaknesses with respect to their sound quality and ease of use.
LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION:  Chair: Bruce C. Olson, Olson Sound Design.  Panel includes Ralph Heinz, Renkus Heinz. Band engineers and system techs will learn recommended ways to optimize loudspeaker systems for use in venues typically frequented by local bands and regional sound companies. 
INNOVATIONS IN LIVE SOUND – AN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: Chair, Ted Leamy, Pro Media/UltraSound: Panelists  Ken Lopez, UCLA; John Meyer, Meyer Sound; Graham Blyth, Soundcraft.  Today's sound professional have a myriad of products to choose from. That wasn't always the case. Sometimes a look in the rearview mirror can provide insights to the road ahead. These industry pioneers will review past live sound innovations and consider the constraints that drove their development.  
“Bob Lee and I developed a full Live Sound program that is both comprehensive and compelling,” Co-Chair Jonathan Novick remarked.  “The events listed below illustrate the range of subjects.  Attendees seeking detailed abstracts should visit the Calendar of Events at  We look forward to seeing our many friends and associates at the show.” 
Audio Networking for the Pros
Practical Advice for Wireless Systems Users
Source-Oriented Live Sound Reinforcement
10 Things to Get Right in PA and Sound Reinforcement
Good Mic Technique–Microphone Selection and Usage for Live Sound
Digital and Networked Audio in Sound Reinforcement
Platinum Road Warriors
Pictured: AES 125th Convention Live Sound Co-Chair Jonathan Novick.  Photo by Alex Storm, courtesy Dolby Laboratories.
Now celebrating its 60th anniversary, the Audio Engineering Society was formed in 1948 by a group of concerned audio engineers. With over 14,000 members throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Japan and the Far East, the AES serves as the pivotal force in the exchange and dissemination  of  technical information for the industry.  For additional information visit