AES Show: Make the Right Connections Audio Engineering Society

AES San Francisco 2008
Consumer Products and Applications Event W10

Sunday, October 5, 9:00 am — 10:45 am

W10 - File Formats for Interactive Applications and Games

Chris Grigg, Beatnik, Inc.
Christof Faller, Illusonic LLC
John Lazzaro, University of California, Berkeley
Juergen Schmidt, Thomson

There are a number of different standards covering file formats that may be applicable to interactive or game applications. However, some of these older formats have not been widely adopted and newer formats may not yet be very well known. Other formats may be used in non-interactive applications but may be equally suitable to interactive applications. This tutorial reviews the requirements of an interactive file format. It presents an overview of currently available formats and discusses their suitability to certain interactive applications. The panel will discuss why past efforts at interactive audio standards have not made it to product and look to widely-adopted standards in related fields (graphics and networking) in order to borrow their successful traits for future standards. The workshop is presented by a number of experts who have been involved in the standardization or development of these formats. The formats
covered include Ambisonics B-Format, MPEG-4 object coding, MPEG-4 Structured Audio Orchestral Language, MPEG-4 Audio BIFS, and the upcoming iXMF standard.