AES Show: Make the Right Connections Audio Engineering Society

AES San Francisco 2008
Consumer Products and Applications Event B1

Thursday, October 2, 9:00 am — 10:45 am

B1 - Listening Tests on Existing and New HDTV Surround Coding Systems

Gerhard Stoll, IRT
Florian Camerer, ORF
Kimio Hamasaki, NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories
Steve Lyman, Dolby Laboratories
Andrew Mason, BBC R&D
Bosse Ternström, SR

With the advent of HDTV services, the public is increasingly
being exposed to surround sound presentations using so-called home theater environments. However, the restricted bandwidth available into the home, whether by broadcast, or via broadband, means that there is an increasing interest in the performance of low bit rate surround sound audio coding systems for “emission” coding. The European Broadcasting Union Project Group D/MAE (Multichannel Audio Evaluations) conducted immense listening tests to asses the sound quality of multichannel audio codecs for broadcast applications in a range from 64 kbit/s to 1.5 Mbit/s. Several laboratories in Europe have contributed to this work.

This Broadcast Session will provide profound information about these tests and the results. Further information will be provided, how the professional industry, i.e. codec proponents and decoder manufacturers, is taking further steps to develop new products for multichannel sound in HDTV.