AES Amsterdam 2008
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The QUIZAES ended on May 1st!

For its 60th Anniversary, the AES gave visitors the opportunity to win a full program pass for the 124th Convention by answering correctly the QUIZAES.

We would like to congratulate the following list of winners:

Anthony Gissinger
Chris Nainby
Chris Wendt
Christopher Sauder
Dan White
David Litwin
David Logvin
Eberhard Sengpiel
Edward Desmet
Elena Martin Hidalgo
Hans Ippel
Jaroslav Mensik
Jesus Garcia
Joel Brito
Johannes Tieck
John Emmett
John Krivit
Jorma Aarnio
Jose Cardona
Kendall Castor-Perry
Keun-Sup Lee
Lawrence Zipf
Lukasz Miernik
Luke McBride
Mark McKelvey
Martin Obi
Mauro patrizi
Michael Hedges
Michael Turner
Michael Walloch
Mirko Milosevic
Nathan Moore
Oliver Masciarotte
Peter Kautzsch
Rainer Typke
Reiner Groller
Rene Lopez
Richard Morris
Rick Stansby
Robert Will
Roman Strack
Sebastian Braun
Stamatia Staikoudi
Stephane Blanchardon
Teresa Kunz
Thierry Frank
Tobias Gensheimer
Vasupradha Sampathkumar
Wouter Siteur
Yves Simonson

Congratulations to our winners and see you at the show!