AES Amsterdam 2008
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Optional Elements for Standard Booth Construction

Renting a standard booth does not mean your stand has to be similar to other stands. A series of additional stand elements is available to customize your standard booth. You may opt for a practical storage room, or add elements that make your booth stand out.

Choose your carpet colour
Medium blue, Red, Black, Grey, Orange, Green

Rise above other stands
A 350cm high column to increase visibility of your company logo. The column can be placed on corners of corner stands, showing a full colour print of your company logo on both sides.

Standard Booth Columns

The column can also be placed at the joint wall of two stands. In this case, your logo may only appear on your stand's side.

Create a meeting area
A transparent screen measuring 300cm x 300cm allows you to create a private area on your stand without hiding your exhibits from visitors.

Standard Booth Meeting Area

Convenient storage room
A stand is about showing things, yet where do you leave your coats, extra brochures and so much more? If desired, a storage area can be built in your stand.

Standard Booth Storage Room