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AES New York 2007
Training Session

Saturday, October 6, 10:00 am — 11:00 am

Dan Bardino, SCEE
Dave Murrant, SCEA, Sony Computer Entertainment America
Dave Ranyard, SCEE, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Gene Semel, SCEA

The big picture perspective of interactive entertainment/video game audio as told from the perspective of Sony Computer Entertainment's (America and Europe) leading game sound designers. The session will cover topics such as:
 • The manpower resources required to create and implement audio in an interactive product;
 • The tools required to perform this work from a traditional and proprietary standpoint;
 • How video game audio requires a "new breed" of audio professional. Today's interactive audio professional must have a broad knowledge of not only traditional signal flow, engineering and recording, and content creation but requires continous education on the rapidly changing technologies that directly effect their day to day workloads;
 • The Studios! The facilities required to raise the audio quality bar for consumers and next generation interactive products—pictures and discussion of SCEA's new world class studio build out (nominated for Studio Design at this year's TEC Awards);
 • Ancillary topics: Field recording requirements have raised; Foley recording is almost now standard, etc.
 • Demonstrations: SingStar product overview—Highly successful Karaoke video game; SCEE developer Tools specific to the SingStar will give the audience a view of technology that has a cross-discipline application (video and music)

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