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123rd AES Convention Press Release


In-Depth Sessions Focus On PC & Forensic Audio, Psychoacoustics & Tinnitus

Alex Case

NEW YORK: "The distinction between Workshops and Tutorials can be summed up in two words, 'level and volume,'" explains AES 123rd Convention Chair Jim Anderson. "They are designed to address highly technical subject matter for small groups of established industry professionals. The level of the subject matter is high, and the number of participants is low. In keeping with this formula, Tutorial/Workshops Chair Alex Case has assembled an authoritative Tutorial Program." Highlighting the schedule are:

AUDIO ON THE PERSONAL COMPUTER: Elliot Omiya, Microsoft Corp, will mitigate confusions generated by WAV, PCM, AAC, WMA, MP3, and other unfathomable TLA's (three letter acronyms). For anyone who has ever wondered how audio works in a Windows or Mac, this Tutorial will explore how the audio industry has contributed to personal computer audio, the mechanisms of audio 'streaming,' an explanation of various PC audio formats and present an informed look towards the future.

TINNITUS - JUST ANOTHER BUZZ WORD?: Dr. Neil Cherian, MD will delve into the causes of Tinnitus, a common, yet poorly understood disorder where (phantom) sounds are perceived in the absence of an external source. Significant sound exposure is the single most common risk factor. Dr. Cherian will discuss the pertinent anatomy and physiology, the audiologic parameters of Tinnitus, current research, and guidelines for identifying high risk behavior. He will also explore methods for identifying problems, hearing protection, safe standards for listening and appropriate safeguards.

WHAT IS THE MATRIX? Bang & Olufsen 'Tonmeister' Geoff Martin will present an introduction to the use of matrixing in microphone and mixing techniques for stereo and multi-channel. The basics of microphone polar patterns will be explained, followed by the fundamentals of techniques such as "textbook" M/S and Soundfield recording. The use of matrixing to "re-mix" existing recordings, to modify microphone configurations in post-production, and to manipulate spatial characteristics of stereo mixes will be addressed. The Tutorial will include a discourse on the exciting possibilities in the fast-paced world of karaoke soundtrack production.

ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS 1 & 2: Tony Hoover, Acoustical Society of America, will address architectural acoustics consulting, the art of applying the science of sound in a timely, practical, and easily-understood manner. The Tutorial will cover sound isolation (airborne and structure-borne), HVAC noise control, and surface treatments (absorption, reflection, and diffusion). It will provide an overview of fundamentals and terminology, bases for design decisions and evaluations, and recommendations for navigating the oceans of information, misinformation, and propaganda about "acoustical" materials, products, and practices.

AUDIO EAR TRAINING, AN ESSENTIAL RESOURCE: Dave Moulton, audio engineer, producer, acoustician, educator and journalist will present the origins, concepts, principles and practice of Audio Ear Training. This mediated study sequence enables listeners to effectively recognize and describe the audio spectrum, relative amplitudes, time intervals and signal processing effects without external objective measurement. This Tutorial will present a typical array of drills, interspersed with explanations of the various perceptual problems and processes that occur when using these techniques.

PREPARING YOUR MIXES FOR MASTERING: Adam Ayan Grammy-winning engineer, Gateway Mastering. Mastering is often described as the final step in the creative process of making a record and the first step in manufacturing. It is now a common practice for multiple engineers, producers and studios to provide mixes, often in multiple formats, for a single project. The mastering engineer is charged with bringing all these individual mixes to their fullest musical potential, and combining them into a cohesive CD. This workshop will cover all facets of preparing mixes for mastering, from technical and organizational aspects to final creative and musical mix decisions.

FORENSIC AUDIO, VIDEO AND VOICE IDENTIFICATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Digital recording has been embraced by both Law Enforcement and the criminals they seek to apprehend. Moderator Tom Owen will reveal how the corporate community has embraced digital recording to the point that there is no longer any expectation of privacy. This burgeoning swell of recording has given rise to questions to authenticity, editing, who said what, and does the evidence accurately reflect events as they occurred. Enter the Forensic Examiner. This workshop will discuss and provide examples of the tools of the trade and the realistic expectations of analysis (The CSI Effect), Eight internationally celebrated panel members will discuss famous cases and provide demonstrations of before and after examples of forensic enhancement, digital editing analysis, voice identification, electronic interference recovery and analysis.

HIGH DEFINITION PERCEPTION - Psychoacoustics, Physiology and The Numbers Race: Dr. Poppy Crum - John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Improvements in digital technology have led to higher fidelity recordings by some definitions, but they have also generated much controversy. Sampling rates and bit depths well beyond the limits of conventionally accepted human perception can be used, but are they necessary? This Tutorial addresses psychophysical and physiological research of hearing beyond the known limits of audible frequency and dynamic range.

The 123rd AES Convention will be held in NY's Jacob Javits Convention Center, October 5 - 8 2007. For registration and housing information and for a detailed Preliminary Calendar of Events please visit

Photo Caption: 123rd AES Convention Workshop and Tutorial Chair Alex Case


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123rd AES Convention – Javits Center, New York – October 5–8, 2007