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123rd AES Convention Press Release

New & Classic Recording Studios + NYU's Clive Davis Recording Center

NEW YORK: Lou Manno Recognized as one of the world's leading centers for recording, live performance, broadcast and audio production, New York is a Mecca for talent, innovation and creative excellence. "AES 123rd Convention Technical Tours Chair Lou Manno had a wealth of options available for this year's program," states Committee Chair Jim Anderson. "His selections represent an exceptional sampling of this city's diverse pro audio community."


FRIDAY, Oct. 5

TISCH SCHOOL OF THE ART'S CLIVE DAVIS DEPARTMENT OF RECORDED MUSIC: Educating students in the art, business and craft of creating innovative, successful recordings. NYU's Tisch School is a state-of-the-art recording and teaching facility. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, the program is designed to develop the creative, intellectual and social skills of aspiring music makers. The complex features two studios, a production computer lab, two edit suites and a full complement of Technology from a 48-channel API Vision recording console capable of stereo and 5.1 surround mixing to a 14 station Pro Tools Production Lab.

AVATAR STUDIOS: Originally known as Power Station, Avatar is celebrating a 30-year track record of recording superstar artists. With a discography boasting over 400 Gold and Platinum albums, this 33,000 sq. ft. complex features four main tracking & mixing rooms. The flagship Studio A can accommodate up to 70 musicians and is regarded as one of the finest acoustic spaces in America. Avatar credits range from Springsteen to Bowie, Sting, John Mayer, Neil Young, B.B. King, David Byrne, Celine Dion, Debbie Harry and Bob Dylan. Not just surviving, but thriving, Avatar represents one of the last of New York's large scale, working "super studios."

KLAVIERHAUS: Internationally recognized as one of the leading dealers of one-of-a-kind handcrafted pianos, Klavierhaus offers limited editions of fine pianos exactingly restored through 150-year-old techniques and traditions. Their workshop is among the few that preserve both the philosophy and methodology that established the Golden Age of piano building. Klavierhaus is also the authorized U.S. dealer for Italy's renowned Fazioli Pianoforti.


LEGACY RECORDING STUDIOS: Birthed from a marriage of Right Track Recording and Sound on Sound in 2005, Legacy offers Studio A as their tracking room, boasting 24 channels of 1081 with a 72-input 9000-J series and Augspurger monitoring. Studio C is configured similarly for live mixing and overdubs, also with the reinforcement of Leigh bass. Studio B is digital dedicated with a System 5 console. Two production rooms (D-1 and 2) join the West Side facility with their awesome A-509, arguably the finest room in New York City for symphonic work.

4 TIMES SQUARE BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS: Built with an FM backup broadcast master antenna and provisions to add a DTV master antenna, 4 Times Square was carrying 5 FM stations when it opened in 1999. In 2002 following the 9/11 atrocity the building owners enhanced the facility with the capacity to serve all NYC TV and FM stations. Designed to operate 24/7, the facility is equipped with 5 megawatts of back up power. Currently home to six TV and ten FM stations, this state-of-the-art facility is also utilized by MediaFlo and other communications companies to point microwave, broadband, Ku and C band downlinks as well as for ENG and RPU services.

THE BLUE MAN GROUP LAB: Originally a former Vaudeville-turned-movie theater, 3rd Street Studio later housed the three creators of Blue Man Group, evolving in 1999 into the creative, rehearsal, and recording space it is today. See how they invent and use new instruments in this unique behind-the-scenes look into one of Broadway's musical phenomena.


NEW YORK TIMES RADIO STATION WQXR Founded in 1936, WQXR was the first classical music radio station in the US. Owned and operated by the New York Times Company, its signal from the Empire State Building reaches 800,000 loyal listeners in all five NYC boroughs and four states, making it the most listened-to classical music station. Always at the cutting edge of technology, Major Edwin Armstrong conducted the first FM stereo tests on WQXR. WQXR-AM was the first AM stereo station. WQXR's Internet broadcast circles the globe. How does one of the western hemisphere's foremost analog radio facilities survive in the digital world? Come and hear!

QUAD RECORDING STUDIOS: This four-studio powerhouse celebrates its 30-year anniversary as a key NYC tracking, mixing, and production facility. Flagship Studio A features a 500-sq. ft. live room with an 80 input J console. Studio D is home to Michael Brauer, also with an 80 input J and jaw-dropping array of gear. Studio C provides a 32 input series G outfitted with razor accurate Augspurger monitoring. Its brand new Studio D is tailored for the needs of hip hop, electronic artists, and remixers and has already been used by Missy Elliot, Jim Jones, Chico DeBarge, and Nina Sky.

SEAR SOUND STUDIOS: In continuous operation for an incredible 44 years, Walter Sear's testament to the enduring relevance of analog is based on a proven technical and acoustic environment. With almost 300 vintage microphones and an extraordinary selection of vacuum tube and solid state gear, this legendary studio has produced countless hits for an artist roster that runs the gamut from Judy Collins to Norah Jones, WILCO, Sean Lennon, Sonic Youth, Ryan Adams and Rufus Wainright. A not-to-be-missed-opportunity to visit a living monument to recording excellence.


BROOKLYN PHONO: Vinyl grows in Brooklyn! There is a growing resurgence in the demand for vinyl records. Tomas Bernich will demonstrate the process and the 120-ton press that forms the medium that propelled our recording industry for over half a century. For those who have never seen how a record is made, this is a treat!

BROADWAY SOUND Founded in 1995 by Michael Ungar and Ralph Kelsey, Broadway Sound is a full-service audio postproduction facility for all types of media: television, film, radio, and Web. It is an extension of Broadway Video Entertainment, founded in 1979 by Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels. Broadway Sound Mixes television and radio promos and interstitial programs, network series, and independent films. The facility also provides full voice recording services ranging from promo voiceovers to program narration and film ADR looping. Broadway Sound offers elaborate sound design with original music composition, performance, and production through their partnership with Sandblast Productions.

For a complete list of tours including dates, and departure times please visit the detailed Preliminary Calendar of Events. Registration and housing information are also posted on the site. The 123rd AES Convention will be held in NY's Jacob Javits Convention Center, October 5 - 8, 2007.

Photo AES 123rd Convention Technical Tours Chair Lou Manno


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123rd AES Convention – Javits Center, New York – October 5–8, 2007