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123rd AES Convention Press Release


'Where Audio Comes Alive' - Targets New Records

NEW YORK: Gearing up for another record-breaking event October (5-8) in NY's Javits Center, the 123rd AES Convention Committee began their working meetings in September 2006. Broadcast, Historical, Live Sound, Master Class, Papers, Platinum, Round Table and Special Events, Student Panels, Technical Tours, Tutorials and Workshops... the many elements that make the annual AES Show the "Super Bowl" of Pro Audio, take almost 15 months to plan and polish.

Jim Anderson Returning for his third consecutive turn as East Coast AES Committee Chairman, multi-Grammy-winning producer Jim Anderson recently achieved cult status among students at NYU's Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music (which he chairs). Appearing on Comedy Central's Colbert Report with Rolling Stone rock critic Anthony DeCurtis, guitar god Peter Frampton, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and Henry Kissinger, epitomized the leadership qualities he exhibits as AES Committee Chair. "While our meetings rarely reach the levels of jocularity I experienced on The Colbert Report," Anderson said, "it must be emphasized that Stephen Colbert is a professional satirist. The big laughs generated by our Committee are, for the most part, unintentional."

Rejoining Anderson on the 2007 AES Committee is an all-star team of Audio Industry pros. David Bialik is celebrating his 19th term as Broadcast Chair. Tutorials & Workshops Chair, Alex Case; Live Sound Co-Chairs, Henry Cohen and John Kilgore; Historical Chair, Harry Hirsch; Facilities Chair, Michael McCoy; Special Events Chair, David Prentice; Papers Co-Chairs Agnieszka Roginska and Veronique Larcher; Technical Tours Chair, Lou Manno; and Master Class Chair Alan Silverman are deep into the organizational process for the 123rd Convention.

Commenting on the dedication and energy devoted by Committee members to developing stellar conventions, AES Executive Director Roger Furness remarked, "Each year this Committee is challenged to raise the bar beyond standards set by previous conventions. Amazingly, the diversity of the events, the numbers of attendees and exhibitors, and the overall level of quality actually does increase year after year. There is no way of adequately compensating Committee members for the time and effort they devote to the Convention, so it is particularly important to acknowledge their volunteer status," Furness concludes.

Photo Caption: AES 123rd Convention Committee Chair Jim Anderson


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123rd AES CONVENTION          
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123rd AES Convention – Javits Center, New York – October 5–8, 2007