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AES New York 2007
Master Class M4

Saturday, October 6, 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm

Bruno Putzeys, Hypex Electronics - Rotselaar, Belgium

Hard Earned Design Secrets—Reconciling the Objectivist and Subjectivist Points of View

Topics to be discussed:

• Revealed Preference: aligning philosophical preference with actual behavior. Your listening habits tell you whether you're after transparent reproduction or emotionally engaging sound—- whether you like it or not.
• Op amp theory refresher: Understanding how they work, not what they're made of. An intermediate level of abstraction between the "three pin triangle" and the transistor implementation simplifies analysis and understanding.
• The op amp's two dirty little secrets: PSRR and input common-mode distortion— opportunities for improving amplifier performance by discrete implementation.
• Minimalist design, or not—When adding more parts really helps.
• When Does Negative Feedback Sound Bad?
• Intelligent Design in Audio: Recipes for success and disaster in co-developing and subcontracting audio electronics.
• Assessing EMI behavior in class D amplifiers.
• Requirements for switch-mode power supplies for audio.
• That Digital Sound: Deviating from theory is the problem, not the solution: an exposé of digital filtering and its relation to "the digital sound.”
• Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion: The fine print: it's only 99% digital.
• Digital loudspeaker EQ and cross-over: Just another tool in the box. Do's and don'ts of designing DSP filters for loudspeakers.

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