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Facilities Request Form

The facilities request deadline was September 5, 2007.

Standard facilities for all 123rd lecture session papers, workshops, and tutorial seminars rooms will include electronic projectors with connection to PC or Mac by standard VGA connectors. Audio playback from computers will be available on the dais by stereo mini jack. Authors are responsible for providing their own computers. Other audio playback will be available, also. Standard CDs will be accommodated. If CD-R playback is required, we recommended that you drop by the room in advance of the presentation to make sure there is no compatibility issue.

For information on the facilities for poster presentation please download the poster guidelines.

A lighted podium, laser pointer, sound reinforcement system, and a two-channel audio playback system will be standard in every room.

Author's preparation room will have a PC with the latest version of Microsoft Office and a networked printer for authors to prepare and test their presentations.

120-Volt, 60-Hz AC line power will be available.

If you have any last minute facility requests please send an email to the Facilities Committee but we cannot guarantee anything extra will be provided at this late of a date.