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Last Updated: 20050823, mei

Friday, October 7, 1:30 pm — 3:30 pm

W2 - Switching Amplifiers for High-Resolution Audio

Vicki Melchior, Audio Signal Processing Consultant - San Anselmo, CA, USA
Karsten Nielsen, Bang&Olufsen ICEpower, Denmark
John J.H. Oh, Pulsus Technologies, South Korea
Lars Risbo, Texas Instruments, Denmark
Skip Taylor, D2Audio, USA

Increasingly, switching amplifiers are found in a broad range of applications in consumer and professional audio, in simplified integrated systems where high efficiency low power is key, and in complex multichannel systems where high performance is key. The technology of these amps has improved markedly over the past ten years to the point that they are competitive with conventional linear amplification, yet offer advantages in cost, power efficiency, size, and overall system flexibility. The purpose of this workshop is to review both design and practice in switching amp technology. The discussion will include pulse width modulation and sigma delta methodologies, techniques and quality of linearization, open and closed loop implementations, analog as well as digital inputs, and handling of noise and EMI. Also, the integration of adaptive dsp processing into the amplifier design will be discussed, along with future trends and challenges.

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