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Last Updated: 20050909, tendeloo

Monday, October 10, 9:00 am — 12:00 pm

W13 - Automotive Sound Systems Part II: Considerations in Methodology and Sound Quality Attributes for Subjective Evaluations

Tim Nind, Harman/Becker Automotive Systems - Bridgend, UK
Søren Beck, Bang and Olufsen - Struer, Denmark
Kristina Busenitz, Harman Becker Automotive Systems - Bridgend, UK
William Martens, McGill University - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Russell Mason, University of Surrey - UK
Sean Olive, Harman International Industries, Inc. - Northridge, CA, USA

The rapid growth in the number of 2 channel and 5.1 surround systems in automobiles has raised the question of how to evaluate their performance: Multi-channel systems have significantly different spatial characteristics compared to 2 channel stereo systems. It is therefore appropriate to review the validity and reliability of the current methods and to assess whether they can cover this significant change in the spatial attributes. A workshop at the 117th Convention discussed some of the current methods and related issues. At this same Convention, a number of automotive listening tests and surveys were staged to illustrate some of these complexities. This workshop at the 119th will provide feedback of selected results. A team of recognized experts in the field of scientific methodologies will discuss the pros and cons of the methods, the data analysis and the conclusions that can be inferred from these experiments. Although this workshop relates to an automotive environment, the debate will delve into the important generic issues of validity and reliability in subjective testing and will therefore be useful to anyone who wants to find out more about this field. This is another chance to hear this workshop which was presented at the 118th Convention in Barcelona.

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