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Last Updated: 20050914, mei

Friday, October 7, 9:00 am — 12:00 pm

W1 - Surround Sound: A Chance for Enhanced Creativity

Martha de Francisco, McGill University - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
George Massenburg, GML LLC - TN, USA
Akira Fukada, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation - Tokyo, Japan
Richard King, Sony Music Studio
Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering & DVD - Portland, ME, USA
Ronald Prent, Galaxy Studios - Belgium
Everett Porter, Polyhymnia - Baarn, The Netherlands

With multichannel/surround sound recording we have entered a new era in the transmission of music. This calls for an increased creativity and new ideas to be applied to music recording. The rules of recording aesthetics need to be reviewed and redefined. How does the impact of a multichannel recording on the listener compare to that of the same recording in stereo? When recording in surround sound, do we need to follow the spatial rules imposed by the live-concert performance of classical music and jazz? Are we facing a possible revolution in the recording of pop music? Does the level of technical recording quality have a significant influence on the way in which the listener perceives the performance? With the help of listening excerpts of a variety of multichannel recordings, a panel of leading engineers discusses issues of sound aesthetics and practical aspects of surround sound recording, focusing on the creative possibilities that result from the use of multichannel.

Experience Immersive Surround Sound in Room 1E11 as the panelists of this workshop demonstrate their recordings:
George Massenburg—Saturday, Oct. 8, 12:30–1:30
Ronald Prent—Saturday, Oct. 8, 1:30–2:30
Bob Ludwig—Saturday, Oct. 8, 2:30–3:30
Everett Porter—Saturday, Oct. 8, 5:30–6:30
Richard King—Sunday, Oct. 9, 5:30–6:30
Akira Fukada—Monday, Oct. 10, 3:00–4:00
Martha de Francisco—Monday, Oct. 10, 4:00–5:00

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