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Last Updated: 20050909, tendeloo

Saturday, October 8, 9:00 am — 11:00 am

T8 - Chamber Reverb—D.I.Y. : Send Your Snare to the Stairwell, Your Kalimba to the Kitchen, and Your Bassoon to the Bathroom

Alex U. Case, University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, MA, USA

Any live space becomes a reverb chamber if you are willing to make the effort. Careful placement of loudspeakers creates the reverb send, and microphones provide the reverb return. This tutorial reviews the basics of a good reverb chamber—the architecture, the signal flow, the equipment, the measurements, and most of all the sound. Informed by this review of some of the most important chambers in the history of pop production, learn how to bring it all home. Your productions deserve the uniqueness and richness that only a live chamber can offer. Move your mixes out of the box by applying effects not available for purchase in any box. You alone have access to the spaces around your studio. Turn any live space— be they stairwells, kitchens, or bathrooms—into a source of reverberation that becomes part of your own signature sound.

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