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Last Updated: 20050910, tendeloo

Monday, October 10, 12:30 pm — 2:00 pm

T24 - Assembly Language Programming: Street Smarts from OOP

John Strawn, S Systems Inc. - Larkspur, CA, USA

This tutorial will cover the craft of writing in assembler, typically for DSP chips and embedded processors. Based on my experience of the last 20 years, I will demonstrate how I apply lessons from object-oriented programming (OOP) to assembly language, to make code easier to develop, debug, maintain, and reuse. Recently this approach saved me when finishing a 30,000-line program in assembler. Even if the syntax of the assembly language does not support OOP directly, I approach the design using OOP principles, and I structure the code following OOP practices, without changing the target assembler syntax. The discussion will review OOP, discuss how to partition a real-world device (maybe an iPOD) based on OOP, and show (non-proprietary) code examples based on several processors. This tutorial seminar is especially intended for students just learning assembly language programming as well as R&D engineers who are not yet seasoned assembly language programmers. Bring pencil and paper to participate in some designs during the presentation.

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