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Last Updated: 20050909, tendeloo

Sunday, October 9, 9:00 am — 12:00 pm

T14 - Audio Ear Training

David Moulton, Moulton Laboratories - Groton, MA, USA

Audio ear training can be a powerful and effective component of education for audio engineers. The act of learning to accurately recognize and describe various physical audio characteristics and dimensions can enable a much clearer and higher level of understanding of audio processes, as well as their relative importance. Further, such ear training can be undertaken at any level, for a variety of purposes, by private individuals, by educational institutions and by companies concerned about the acuity and reliability of their employees’ hearing.
In this tutorial, Dave Moulton will describe his ear training techniques, developed over the past 35 years, including presentations regarding the identification of various frequency bands, relative amplitudes, time domain and other areas, including a variety of signal processing treatments.

Moulton will discuss the cognitive problems he has found that students often have, the real goals for such ear training, how students can do ear training on their own, and how such programs can be most effectively used in an academic context. He will discuss the relationship between these techniques and the musical ear training widely used in music curricula. He will also discuss what he feels are the reasonable resolution limits for the determined listener, in both blind and sighted contexts. Participants will take various drills to get a sense of what is involved as well as the various levels of difficulty that are normally encountered.

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