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The History of Sound and Film in Berlin – Babelsberg from 1912 to the present day, will be a highlight of the Historical Room. Babelsberg was one of the first the centers of film-production using gramophone wax plates in playback mode. Later, Babelsberg produced one of the first sound films in Germany with e.g. Marlene Dietrich in “Der blaue Engel” (The blue Angel).
The historical ambience around the Historical Room at the AES Convention will therefore show Babelsberg with the huge old studios and equipment used for early sound recording.

The Historical Room features special contributions related to the Babelsberg Studios, such as by Ingo Kock, Professor at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen in Babelsberg („Sound and films in Babelsberg, from the history to the future”), and Ullrich Illing, Sound Engineer at Babelsberg Studios (“92 Years of Sound Movies from Babelsberg”).
The presentations include old films and old equipment and will therefore need some more time for discussions.
For a comprehensive listing see historical presentations.

Historical Display
In the Historical Room special presentations will take place, presenting an exhibit of selected artifacts from the early days of audio technology. The motto is “Hands on vintage Equipment”. Old microphones and loudspeakers will be demonstrated and used together with direct cutting on an old record cutting machine.
The historical ambience shows the history of Babelsberg, which, for over 90 years, has been a center for film production.

Historical Committee
The Historical Committee will hold its meeting in the Historical Room at Monday, May 10, 12:30 h–14:00 h

  • Opening by Vice-Chairman Irv Joel
  • Greetings by Ernst-Jo Völker on behalf of the Convention Committee
  • Introduction of members and guests
  • Chairman’s report and discussion
  • New projects
  • Miscellaneous

Historical Tour
A historical tour is scheduled at Monday, May10, 14:00 h–17:00 h, to the Babelsberg film studios to see the many activities of this small Hollywood next to Berlin. The tour can be a supplement to the Babelsberg presentations in the Historical Room. The participants will be shown around in the old studios with the new installations and see for themselves the huge changes that occurred following the unification of Germany.

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