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Presenting authors automatically receive free registration. You do not have to register online. You can pick up your badge at the Courtesy Desk when you arrive at the RAI. Lines will be much longer at the other registration desks, so make sure to go to the Courtesy Desk for your preprinted badge. We will use the information you supplied on the paper-submission site.

You will have to use the online registration form if you want to purchase tickets for the mixer party or banquet.

Only presenting authors receive free registration (one author per paper). All other authors must register online.

(text added February 28)

Authors presenting "lecture" papers should meet with their session chair 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the session in the authors' lounge. All lecture papers are scheduled for 30-minute presentations, which will include a short introduction of the presenting author and a 5-minute question-and-answer session at the end. Authors are requested to remain in the room throughout the session answer follow-up questions that may arise during or after other papers in the session. Presenting authors who did not post a short bio online when submitting their papers should email the text directly to their session chair.

Session Chair
Audio Networking Jeremy Cooperstock
Spatial Perception and Processing-I Gunter Theile
Spatial Perception and Processing-II Durand Begault
Room Acoustics & Sound Reinforcement Peter Swarte
Psychoacoustics, Perception, and Listening Tests-I Steven van de par
Psychoacoustics, Perception, and Listening Tests-II Sean Olive
Microphones David Josephson
Signal Processing for Audio-I Peter Eastty
Signal Processing for Audio-II John Mourjopoulos
Multichannel Sound Wieslaw Woszczyk
Automotive Audio & Instrumentation and Measurement Richard S Stroud
Loudspeakers-I David Clark
Loudspeakers-II Neville Thiele
Low-Bit Rate Audio Coding-I Marina Bosi
Low-Bit Rate Audio Coding-II Juergen Herre
Analysis and Synthesis of Sound M. Karjalainen

Facilities information

Please read carefully the following information regarding the standard equipment available for your presentation in Amsterdam.

Please contact the 114th facilities chair Michiel van Eeden ( directly if you need to request additional equipment.

Standard facilities in all lecture rooms for paper sessions, workshops, and seminars will be as follows:

1 Computers or laptops to run presentations are not standard. Bring your own laptop.

2 All rooms for paper sessions, workshops, and seminars will have electronic projectors (beamers) of up-to-date quality with a maximum resolution of 1024x768 (XGA) for connection to PC or MAC by standard VGA cables. Large rooms (workshops and seminars) are equiped with 800x600 (SVGA) beamers! One beamer will be available in the authors room. You are kindly requested to test your laptop here in case of any doubt. Please do not scan OH sheets for projection by a beamer, ask for an OH projector instead, see 7.

3 Sound reinforcement with fixed microphones for authors / each panelists; one wireless lavaliere microphone will be available in each room; additionally a wireless headset microphone is available in the seminar room.

4 Sufficient number of fixed interruption microphones in the room, except for the seminar room.

5 Audio playback possibility from laptop (or discman) by mini jack stereo 3,5mm is standard. CD's can be played by the sound engineer in all rooms. Please carefully prepare a playlist in this case. Other playback possibilities only upon request. Please indicate!

6 The standard speaker system will produce good quality sound.

7 Optical overhead projectors will only be available upon request.

8 The authors room will have a Windows PC with Internet access and a desk-jet printer.

9 Wireless microphones from authors, panelists, or participants (own equipment) will only be allowed for use after approval on available channels and/or sufficient channel separation by the congress center.

Poster authors:

All poster sessions are in the Topaz Lounge. Click here to see a PDF of the layout of the room; Xs mark locations for poster presentations.

220 v main can be available for poster presenters for laptop, playback, or other purposes.

The poster boards are 1.5 meter wide and 1 meter high (59 inch wide and 39 inch high), and every poster author will get 2 boards meeting at a 90 degree angle, and also a table.

Connection: Schuko socket.

Please let the facilities chair know if you require an electrical connection.

Remember, contact the facilities chair directly with all requests and questions about the facilities at the convention center.

If you have other questions about your presentation, contact papers chair Ronald Aarts or vice chair Erik Larsen (

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