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AES 105th Convention -- San Francisco, USA September 26-29, 1998


An important element of each AES Convention is the opportunity for student members around the world to meet and share experiences related to education in the field of audio.

Saturday, September 26,
1:00PM - 2:00PM
Moderator: Roy Pritts, Chairman AES Education Committee, University of Colorado at Denver

All student members and educators were invited to this opening session of the AES Student Delegate Assembly. A full description of student activities at the convention were presented and an overview of the purpose and function of this newly formed student organization within the AES were given. Candidates for election to the offices of Chair and Vice Chair of the Assembly for North and South America were introduced. [Instructions for presenting a candidate for election can be obtained by contacting your regional Vice President or Roy Pritts*, or visit the AES Web site at http://www.aes.org.]

Sunday, September 27 -- a full day of events devoted to students and education was scheduled.

All attendees with an interest in audio education were welcome to attend.

Sunday, September 27,
9:00AM - 11:00AM
Moderator: Roy Pritts, Chairman AES Education Committee, University of Colorado at Denver

The Education Committee of the AES is involved in several on-going projects and subcommittees. The Directory of Educational Programs 1998, AES in the Schools, Women in Audio, Educational Facilities, and all Student Section activities listed on the AES Web site will be reviewed. Several of these projects originated in direct response to concerns raised by students and educators in open forums like this. Come and provide the Education Committee with insight for directing activities for the next year.

Sunday, September 27,
11:00AM - 1:00PM
Moderator: Roy Pritts, Chair AES Education Committee, University of Colorado at Denver, Denver, CO, USA

Representatives from institutions offering studies in audio will be on hand to provide information on their respective programs. An area of "table top" presentations encourages students to meet and discuss educational opportunities with leaders and advisors in the worldwide academic community. [Institutions desiring to participate should reserve a table by contacting Roy Pritts* as soon as possible. No elaborate audio/video presentations can be accommodated.]

Sunday, September 27,
1:00PM - 3:00PM
Moderator: Roy Pritts, Chair, AES Education Committee, University of Colorado at Denver, Denver, CO, USA
Authors: Craig Anderton, EQ, Electronic Musician, Home Recording for Musicians; Diana Deutsch, University of California-San Diego, The Psychology of Music; John Eargle, Audio, Chapman and Hall, Handbook of Recording Engineering; David Miles Huber, Audio for Video, Modern Recording Techniques; Ken Pohlmann, Principles of Digital Audio Martin Polon, EQ, Studio Sound, Pro Sound News; Francis Rumsey, University of Surrey, Digital Techniques; Ron Streicher, Audio Engineering Associates, coauthor, The New Stereo Soundbook, 2nd edition.

A distinguished group of authors of books and periodicals influencing audio education were assembled to discuss "what is in print, what is in the planning, and what are the needs" for materials. Authors anticipated to participate include Craig Anderton, Diana Deutsch, John Eargle, David Miles Huber, Ken Pohlmann, Martin Polon, Francis Rumsey, and Ron Streicher.

Sunday, September 27,
3:00PM - 4:30PM
Moderator: David Porter, Music Annex, San Francisco, CA, USA
Panelists: Steve Davis, Crawford Audio Services; Gary Ladinsky, Design FX; Steve Shurtz, Saul Zaentz Film Center; Michael Tarsia, Sigma Sound; Zoe Thrall, Avatar Studios;

A panel of members of the Society of Professional Audio Recording Studios including representatives from music recording, audio post production, broadcast production, and various recording services discussed the training and employment expectations for each segment of the audio industry.

STUDENT DELEGATE ASSEMBLY--Student Recording Competition
Sunday, September 27,
4:30PM - 6:00PM

The works of selected finalists in "Classical" and "Jazz/Pop" recording were performed and awards for Outstanding Student Recording in each category were presented. For information and instructions for submitting recordings, contact your AES Student Section faculty advisor, AES Regional Vice President, Roy Pritts*, or the AES Web site at http://www.aes.org.

Designated representatives of each Student Section voted to elect the Chair and Vice Chair serving the Student Delegate Assembly for the coming year.

*Roy Pritts, Chairman of the AES Education Committee, may be contacted by FAX: +1 303-556-2335.

Sunday, September 27,
3:00PM - 5:00PM
Moderator: Chris Stone, MPGA, Hollywood, CA, USA
Panel: Ed Cherney, MPGA; Alan Parsons, RePro; G.J. Hoek, GONG / ESDA; Rocky Araki, JAPRS; and Martin Bohm, Austrian Pro Audio

Around the world, the role of music producer and audio engineer have subtly different dynamics. This panel discussion, produced by the MPGA, looked at the international differences and similarities of those roles, remuneration and royalty structure on a comparative basis. The charters of the international organizations serving these creative professionals were also be discussed.

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