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AESSC Meetings AESSC Meetings Registration Registration Exhibits P-A: Networks, Audio, and Music P-C: Desktop Computer Audio P-B: Digital Signal Processing for Audio, Part 1 P-D: Conversion Technology Opening Ceremonies W-1:Field Recording in the Wild W-2: Aesthetics of Mixing Music 5.1 Tour 1: SKYWALKER RANCH Student Delegate Assembly It Doesn't Have to Hurt: SPL and Psychoacoustics Meet the Technical Council BAAM/AES Party Annual Business Meeting Registration Exhibits P-E: Analog Signal Processing for Audio P-G: Loudspeakers P-F: Analysis and Synthesis of Sound P-H: Psychoacoustics, Perception, and Listening Tests W-3: Internet Audio Systems W-5: Internet Audio Production W-4: Audio for HDTV W-6: Audio on DVD Tour 2: MUSIC STUDIO TOUR Tour 3: DIGIDESIGN Music Producers Guild Education Forum Education Fair Meet the Authors SPARS Forum Student Assembly AESSC Opening Session Registration Exhibits P-I: Spatial Perception and Processing, Part 1 P-K: Spatial Perception and Processing, Part 2 P-J: Instrumentation and Measurement P-L: Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding W-7: Perceptual Audio Coding W-9: Mastering in the Face of New Technologies W-8: Nuts & Bolts of Acoustical Design and Construction W-10: Weather Related Issues in Outdoor Sound Reinforcement Tour 4: SONIC SOLUTIONS Tour 5: POST PRODUCTION FACILITIES GRAMMY Recording Forum An Afternoon With . . . SIDNEY HARMAN ORGAN CONCERT DVD Audio Registration Exhibits P-M: Digital Signal Processing for Audio, Part 2 P-O: Sound Reinforcement and Room Acoustics P-N: Multichannel Sound P-P: Recording and Reproduction of Audio W-11: Workstation Control Surfaces & User Interfaces W-13: Virtual Surround W-12: Choosing the Right Digital Format W-14: High Resolution Multichannel Tour 6: MEYER SOUND LABORATORIES Tour 7: DOLBY LABORATORIES, INC Internet2 Forum Super CD AESSC Concluding Session

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