AES 103rd Convention

Saturday, September 27
Sessions E - H

Session E, 8:00 am
Signal Processing and Conversion

Chairman: Robert Adams, Analog Devices Semiconductor Inc., Wilmington, MA, USA

Mismatch-Shaping Digital-to-Analog Conversion -- Richard Schreier, Analog Devices Inc., Wilmington, MA, USA (Invited)

Techniques to Measure and Maximize the Performance of a 120-dB, 24-Bit, 96-kHz A/D Converter Integrated Circuit -- Steven Harris, Steven Green, and Ka Leung, Crystal Semiconductor Corporation, Austin, TX, USA (Invited)

SAHARA -- A Flexible, Multiprocessor, Mixed-Signal System on a Chip -- Harald Schoepp and Stefan Gierl, Becker Automotive Systems, Karlsbad, Germany; Herbert Hetzel, Oasis Silicon Systems, Karlsruhe, Germany; and Dave Knapp, Oasis Silicon Systems, Austin, TX, USA

A DSP with Integrated Codec for Home Entertainment and Car Audio Applications -- Kun Lin, Jim Nohrden, Joseph Welser, Jonathan Mayer, Jason Rhode, Terry Sculley, Eric Gaalaass, and Jim McElwee, Crystal Semiconductor Corporation, Austin, TX, USA

Efficient Generation of Multichannel Dither Signals -- Robert A. Wannamaker, University of Waterloo, Audio Research Group, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

General Purpose Direct Form 1 IIR Filter Structure for Digital Audio Applications -- Richard Greenfield, University of Essex, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Colchester, Essex, UK

Performance Analysis of Linear-Phase Audio Filters Based on the Zero-Phase Filtering Concept -- S. A. Azizi, Becker Automotive Systems, Karlsbad, Germany

An Integrated AES/EBU Receiver/Sample-Rate Converter -- Robert Adams, Khiem Nguyen, and Karl Sweetland, Analog Devices Semiconductor Inc., Wilmington, MA, USA

Reconfigurable Computing Systems for Audio DSP Applications -- Theodore C. Tanner, Jr., Spatializer Audio Laboratories, Incorporated, Mountain View, CA, USA

Software-Aided Mixing on a Low-Cost Digital Console -- Attila Baldini, NOEMA Sas, Digital Audio Consulting Company, Cotignola (Ravenna), Italy; Giorgio Nottoli, University of Roma 2, Rome, Italy; and Carlo Alberto Paterlini, Charlie Lab Srl, Products Inc., Mantova, Italy

Session F, 8:00 am
Multichannel Audio

Co-chairmen: John Eargle, JME Associates, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Mick Sawaguchi, NHK Broadcast Center, Tokyo, Japan

A New Concept of Spatial Coherence between Sound and Picture in Stereophonic (and Surrounding Sound) TV Production -- Christian Hugonnet, Consultant, Paris, France

Microphone Techniques for Ambient Sound on a Music Recording -- Akira Fukada, Kiyoshi Tsujimoto, and Shoji Akita, NHK Broadcast Center, Tokyo, Japan (Invited)

The KFM 360 Surround -- A Purist Approach -- Jerry Bruck, Posthorn Recordings, New York, NY, USA

5-Channel Microphone Array with Binaural Head for Multichannel Reproduction -- John Klepko, McGill University, Graduate Program in Sound Recording, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Music Recording in the Age of Multichannel -- James A. Moorer, Sonic Solutions, San Rafael, CA, USA

New Techniques for the Production of Multichannel Sound -- Ulrich Horbach, Studer Professional Audio AG, Regensdorf, Switzerland

Virtual Surround Presentation of Dolby AC-3 and Pro Logic Signals -- Mark F. Davis and Matt C. Fellers, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA

Reproduction of Spatialized Audio in Immersive Environments with Nonideal Acoustic Conditions -- Andrew Rimell and Mike Hollier, BT Laboratories, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, UK

Progress in 5-2-5 Matrix Systems -- David Griesinger, Lexicon, Inc., Bedford, MA, USA (Invited)

Teaching Concepts in Mixing for Surround Sound -- Pedagogical Changes with the Shift to 5.1 -- Doug Mitchell, Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Recording Industry, Murfreesboro, TN, USA

Diffuse Field Planar Loudspeakers in Multimedia and Home Theater -- Martin Colloms, Consultant, London, UK; and Christien Ellis, New Transducers Limited, Huntingdon, UK

Session G, 2:00 pm
Networks and Interactive Audio

Co-chairmen: Robert A. Moses, PAVO Inc., Seattle, WA, USA

John Strawn, S Systems Inc., Larkspur, CA, USA

The Future of Music on the Internet -- Thomas Dolby Robertson, Headspace, Inc., San Mateo, CA, USA (Invited)

Downloadable Sounds Level 1 Specification -- Tom White, MIDI Manufacturers Association, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Invited)

Live Interactive Music on the Internet -- Aric Rubin, Res Rocket Surfer, San Francisco, CA, USA (Invited)

Digital Audio Transmission Over IEEE 1394: Protocol Design and Implementation -- Jun-ichi Fujimori, Yamaha Corporation, Hamamatsu, Japan; and Shizuo Kakiuchi, Pioneer Electronic Corporation, Tsurugashima, Saitama, Japan (Invited)

Audio Distribution and Control Over IEEE 1394 -- Robert A. Moses, PAVO Inc., Seattle, WA, USA

Operating Principles and Applications of Audio/Video Capable Networks -- Kevin P. Gross, Peak Audio, Inc., Boulder, CO, USA


Presto: A High-Performance Transport for Digital Audio, Video, Control, and Synchronization -- Tim Thompson and Hal Chamberlin, Young Chang R&D Institute, Waltham, MA, USA (Invited)

Media-Oriented Synchronous Transfer -- A Network Protocol for High-Quality, Low-Cost Transfer of Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Control Data on Fiber Optic -- Patrick Heck and Herbert Hetzel, SiliconSystems GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany; Dave Knapp, Kevin Rolfes, Venkat Srinivas, Tony Susanto, and David Trager, Oasis Design Inc., Austin, TX, USA; and Andreas Stiegler, Becker GmbH, Karlsbad, Germany

Synchronization of Digital Media, Clocks, and Computers -- Michael Poimboeuf, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Mountain View, CA, USA

Desktop Audio Acquisition Matrix -- Thomas Haines, University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, Electronics Media Division, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Session H, 2:00 pm
Room Acoustics and Simulation Techniques

Chairman: David Griesinger, Lexicon, Bedford, MA, USA

The Role of Rear Loudspeakers in Spatial Impression -- Masayuki Morimoto, Kobe University, Environmental Acoustics Laboratory, Nada, Kobe, Japan (Invited)

Spatial Impression and Envelopment in Small Rooms -- David Griesinger, Lexicon, Inc., Bedford, MA, USA (Invited)

Developments and Validation of a Room Acoustics Predictive Software -- Modeling of Various Acoustical Phenomena -- Federico Cruz-Barney and Olivier Warusfel, IRCAM, Paris, France

Analysis and Synthesis of Room Reverberation Based on a Statistical Time-Frequency Model -- Jean-Marc Jot, IRCAM, Paris, France

Acoustic Characteristics of Timber-Framed Listening Rooms -- Andrei Chesnokov and Leon SooHoo, Paradyme, Inc., Sacramento, CA, USA

ROOM OPTIMIZER: A Computer Program to Optimize the Placement of Listener, Loudspeakers, Acoustical Surface Treatment, and Room Dimensions in Critical Listening Rooms -- Trevor J. Cox, University of Salford, Department of Acoustics and Audio Engineering, Salford, UK; and Peter D'Antonio, RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MD, USA

The Effect of Rooms on Multiple Loudspeaker Loading at Low Frequencies -- A. E. Ward, University of York, Department of Electronics, York, UK

A Comparison between Actual Measurements and Predictions Using a Closed Form Image Method Model of a Six-Walled Room -- A. E. Ward and J. A. S. Angus, University of York, Department of Electronics, York, UK

Multiple Subwoofers for Home Theater -- Tom Nousaine, Consultant, Pinckney, MI, USA

Design of a Reference Listening Room -- A Case Study -- Antti Järvinen and Lauri Savioja, Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, Hut, Finland; Henrik M´┐Żller and Anssi Ruusuvuori, Akukon Oy, Helsinki, Finland; and Veijo Ikonen, Tampere University of Technology, Department of Mathematics, Tampere, Finland


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