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Graduate Scholarships

Genelec Mike Chafee Audio Pioneering Scholarship The scholarship encourages passionate and outstanding women to continue their audio education while paying tribute to noted long-time Genelec manufacturer’s representative, audiophile, sound designer, acoustician, audio evangelist and supporter of women in audio, Michael Chafee. Chafee had been involved with Genelec since 1996 and is credited with being an early pioneer and key influencer in promoting the concept of Active Monitoring technology to the market. The Mike Chafee Audio Pioneering Scholarship is offered to US graduate students.

Ilpo Martikainen Audio Visionary Scholarship is offered to US graduate students who have a passion of advancing audio through innovation and technology development. Dr. Martikainen received his Dr.Tech h.c. from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2008 for his outstanding achievements and contributions to loudspeaker technology development and the industry. From 1971-78 he acted as Managing Director (MD) of KLT Elektroniikka Oy. In 1978, Ilpo founded Genelec and he was the MD of the company from 1978 to 2005, during which Genelec became a leader in monitoring loudspeaker technology worldwide, both in terms of technology and business. From 2006 to 2017, he was the Chairman of the Board of Genelec.

L-Acoustics Dr. Christian Heil Future of Sound Scholarship Recipients should demonstrate curiosity and dedication to shaping the future of sound, including with approaches that may question conventions or call upon bodies of scientific knowledge outside of the realm of audio. Students having pursued an undergraduate course of studies in an area other than audio are encouraged to apply in the interest of enriching cross- disciplinary thinking and exchanges to further the state of the art. Founded in 1984, L-Acoustics can trace its beginning to 1977, when particle physics scientist Christian Heil attended a Pink Floyd concert and was inspired to serve the live events industry by creating and developing pragmatic solutions for sound professionals.

Dolby Institute Scholarship The Dolby Institute has partnered with AES to award the Dolby Institute Scholarship, awarded to an international graduate student with an interest in content creation and the study of the science of sight and sound. Founded in 1965, Dolby Laboratories’ most recent technological advancements include Dolby Atmos, which aims to put sounds in precise locations within a room so the sound mimics the location of the related action, and Dolby Vision, which is designed to expand the colors used and the contrast range to improve the way a picture looks on any screen.

Advancing Audio - Tom Kite Scholarship The Audio Precision sponsored Scholarship in honor of former Vice President of Engineering, Tom Kite, will be offered annually to graduate students in the field of audio engineering who have a passion for advancing research in audio measurement, analysis, or perception.” The press announcement of that scholarship may be found at: interested in advancing research in audio measurement, analysis, or perception.”

The John Eargle Award is given annually to a student who excels in both technology and music. John Eargle was the author of seminal textbooks on audio, including the Handbook of Recording Engineering, the Microphone Book, and Sound Recording. He served as a consultant and Vice President of Engineering at JBL for 31 years, Chief Engineer for Delos International, and past president and fellow of the Audio Engineering Society. He engineered more than 250 CD releases and was posthumously awarded a Technical GRAMMY Award in 2008, recognizing his contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field.

The Emil Torick Award honors former long term AES Foundation President and founding member Emil Torick. This scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student with exceptional career goals. Emil was the Vice President of CBS Labs, director of Visage Inc., and was the inventor of the Volumax, Audimax, and FMX. Emil held 16 patents and authored more than 60 technical publications He served on the National Radio Systems Committee and was a member of the U.S. delegation to the International Radio Consultative Committee in Geneva, and was an Air Force officer in Korea. Emil also worked as a freelance violinist who performed with the Pittsburgh and Norwalk Symphonies, and was an organist and choir director.

Undergraduate Scholarship

The Mary Lea Simpson Memorial Scholarship is for tuition assistance for final year of undergraduate studies at a North American college or university Audio Engineering/Recording Arts Program. It is being offered to a student member of AES who shows a proficiency in recording, mixing or mastering skills, as well as academic achievement. Mary Lea Simpson was a graduate of the Audio Production Program at New England Institute of Art who died in 2013. Mary received the Naked Ear Records Achievement Award for Best Music Production in 2012.


Grants have been made possible by contributions from AES, Audio Precision, Dolby, Genelec, Harman International, JBL, L-Acoustics, the estate of John K. Hilliard, the Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio, the families of John Eargle, Mary Lea Simpson, David Smith, Emil Torick, and the family and friends of Larry Estrin, Don and Fran Pearson, and Bruce Swedien. The AES also receives support from other benefactors such as in-memoriam donors and individuals and companies that support education in audio. Application forms and additional information are available on our website:

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