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September 3, 2009 - Apple Discount, AES New York, Tech News, Wave Field Synthesis Publication, Twitter

Table of Contents

  1. Apple Discount for U.S. and Canadian AES Members
  2. AES New York 2009 Keynote Speaker Announced
  3. Stay Informed With AES Tech News
  4. Wave Field Synthesis Publication
  5. AES Is On Twitter

Apple Discount for U.S. and Canadian AES Members

Apple Discount

Because so many audio professionals use Apple products in their everyday work, the AES has launched a pilot initiative in conjunction with the Apple Association Member Purchase Program. AES President Jim Anderson reports that an agreement has been reached to provide U.S. and Canadian AES members with special savings on the latest Apple products and accessories. “We are exploring the possibility of expanding the program to other territories as well,” Anderson said.

AES U.S. and Canadian Members visiting the Apple Store link in the AES Member Portal will find a number of exclusive options including:

  • Special member pricing on Apple products
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Complimentary shipping on most orders
  • Free engraving on all new iPod models
  • Mac customization

“The AES is continually seeking new ways to benefit our members,” Anderson said. “When Apple approached us with an opportunity to provide special pricing on software and hardware from one of the most ubiquitous tool groups at use in contemporary audio production/post-production we immediately recognized a valuable added service.”

If you have a friend who has been delaying becoming an AES member you can now encourage them to join the AES because sometimes the discount on a single computer is greater than the cost of an AES membership!

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AES New York 2009 Keynote Speaker Announced

Bill McGlaughlin

AES New York is shaping up to be a fantastic event, and we're pleased to announce that Bill McGlaughlin has been named the AES Keynote Speaker. Bill is the long-time host and music director of American Public Media's popular Saint Paul Sunday public radio program, and he is a highly regarded broadcaster, educator, composer and conductor.

Make sure to browse through the rest of our extensive technical program calendar and then register for your badge with the advance registration discount.

AES New York 2009

If you are only planning on attending the exhibition then we have a new member benefit for 2009: a FREE VIP "Exhibits Only" badge! All you have to do is register as a member and enter this VIP code: AESMEM2009 or you can simply login here and follow the instructions in the "VIP Registration" section.

If you'll need a hotel or a flight then make sure to reserve your hotel room soon. For flights, we'd suggest checking out the special 5% discount we've arranged with JetBlue Airways.

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Stay Informed With AES Tech News

AES Tech News

In addition to this E-News member newsletter, the AES sends out a weekly newsletter with information about the society and about the exhibitors at our conventions. This is a FREE service provided by the AES and you can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of each message. It's a great way to stay abreast of the latest information about our conventions and the products that are exhibited there.

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Wave Field Synthesis Publication

Wave Field Synthesis

In December 1988, Delft University professor Guus Berkhout published his article in the AES Journal in which he proposed the concept of Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) as a format for spatial sound reproduction without ‘sweet spot’ limitations. Now, more than twenty years later, Diemer de Vries who was involved in the development and application of the concept from the very beginning, presents a 93-page monograph on the theme.

The principles of WFS are explained once again, with a digestible summary of the underlying mathematics. An explanation is also given of how the necessary steps, from theory (where things are infinitely large or small, having ideal properties) to real-world application, have successfully been made by making ample use of the properties of the human hearing mechanism.

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AES Is On Twitter


Follow the AES on Twitter @AESorg and send your own AES-related tweets. Once you start following @AESorg you will begin to see occasional updates from the AES on your Twitter home page so you'll always be the first to know about things happening in the society. Come tweet with us today!

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