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AES E-News: October 15, 2008 - 125th Convention Wrap-up, Call For Papers, September Journal

1. 125th Convention Wrap-up
2. Current Discussions In AES Journal Online Forum
3. Call For Papers (Class D Audio Amplification)
4. September AES Journal Available Online

AES San Francisco 2008 125th Convention Wrap-up
As the 407 exhibits were dismantled and the 17,892 attendees began returning home, a palpable upbeat vibe accompanied virtually everyone involved with the 125th AES Convention held in the Moscone Center October 2-5, 2008.

"All our Committee Chairs noted the professionalism and enthusiasm evidenced by event participants and attendees alike," remarked Convention Co-Chair John Strawn. "From an SRO audience for Opening Day Ceremonies and Chris Stone's Keynote Address to packed houses for most of our Broadcast, Platinum, Educational and Special Events (including Geoff Emerick's 40th Anniversary Sgt. Pepper's presentation), the 125th Convention will stand as a water mark against which future conventions will be measured."


JAES Current Discussions In AES Journal Online Forum
Some of the current discussions are on:
1. Audibility of a CD-Standard A/DA/A Loop Inserted into High-Resolution Audio Playback
JAES Volume 55 Issue 9 pp. 775-779; September 2007 (4 comments)
2. Digital Audio Antiquing-Signal Processing Methods for Imitating the Sound Quality of Historical Recordings
JAES Volume 56 Issue 3 pp. 115-139; March 2008 (1 comment)
3. A New Method for Measuring Distortion Using a Multitone Stimulus and Noncoherence
JAES Volume 56 Issue 3 pp. 176-188; March 2008 (2 comments)

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Class D Audio Amplification Call For Papers (Class D Audio Amplification)
The AES 37th International Conference Committee invites you to submit technical papers for presentation at the conference in 2009 in Hillerød, Denmark. Over the last ten years switched-mode power amplifiers, very often called digital power amplifiers, have become the technology of choice in all of the global audio industry. The high efficiency and compact design inherent in digital power amplifier technology has inspired many engineers to design new and interesting products in existing and new market areas. Digital amplification technology covers everything from the ever-expanding portable cell phone/media player market in the milli-watt range to the most powerful public address systems at thousands of watts.

This conference will present an overview of the current state-of-the-art in a broad perspective and address many of the new scientific disciplines involved in this still growing field. Digital power amplification is in many ways a combination of mixing otherwise complementary scientific fields such as power electronics, signal processing, DSP, advanced analog design, EMC, and more. The objective of the conference is to address this complex and challenging range of disciplines.

Read more about submitting a paper proposal.

JAES September AES Journal Is Available Online Here
This issue includes:
• Papers on:
      Driver Strategies for Digital Loudspeaker Arrays
      Split-Sideband Distortion Synthesis Techniques
      Including Semi-Inductors in Models of Loudspeakers
      Automated Recognition of Singing Using Neural Networks
Feature: The Future of Home Audio
33rd Conference Report, Denver
Call for Papers: 126th Convention, Munich
Call for Papers: 36th Conference, Dearborn
Call for Papers: 37th Conference, Denmark
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, Sound Track, etc.

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