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AES E-News: November 11, 2008 - Tutorial on Thiele-Small Parameters, Author Notes, October Journal

1. Tutorial on Thiele-Small Parameters
2. Author Note (New Journal Per-Page Fees)
3. Author Note (Paper Deadlines)
4. October AES Journal Available Online

AES Tutorials Online Tutorials
The latest in our series of online tutorials is now available. Members can now view a two-hour masterclass given at the 124th Convention by Neville Thiele and Richard Small entitled 'Loudspeaker Parameters'. This masterclass provides an excellent introduction to loudspeaker design parameters and their application in practice, including the relationship between measured and modeled performance. We welcome your online feedback about these tutorials, which can be provided by clicking on the link below the presentation. Click here to view our tutorials.

JAES Author Note (New Journal Per-Page Fees)
Beginning with the first issue of the Journal in 2009, a per-page fee will be applied to papers on the following basis:
No charge up to 8 pages; pp. 9-12, $50 per page; p. 13 and above, $100 per page.

Author Note (Paper Deadlines)
The deadline for submitting final papers for the 35th Conference on "Audio for Games" in London is November 19th.

The 126th Convention paper proposal deadline is December 9th. You can submit proposals by clicking here. Click here to view the call for papers.

JAES October AES Journal Is Available Online Here
This issue includes:
• Papers on:
      Simulation of Rooms Using Finite-Difference Methods
      Universal Generic Framework for Audio Codecs
      Postprocessing to Modify Directional Microphone Response
      Processing Tools for Spatial Audio Teleconferencing
Feature: Audio for Mobile Devices
34th Conference Report, Jeju Island
New Officers 2008/2009
Review of Sustaining Members
Call for Papers: 126th Convention, Munich
Call for Papers: 37th Conference, Denmark
Calls for Nominations: Board of Governors and Awards
AES Bylaws
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, Sound Track, etc.

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