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AES E-News: August 21, 2008 - New Journal Forum, Upcoming Events, Call For Papers, July/Aug Journal

1. Special Editor's Note About New Journal Forum
2. Upcoming Events in Korea, Chile and San Francisco
3. Call For Papers (Audio for Automotive)
4. July/August AES Journal Available Online

JAES Special Editor's Note About New Journal Forum
Recently an article on audio quality by Meyer and Moran (J. Audio Eng. Soc. vol. 55, pp. 775–779, [2007 Sep.]) has given rise to a number of letters sent to the Journal. There is a lot of intense debate and opinion on this topic that probably would be interesting to many AES members, and this might actually help to bring out the key aspects of the issue. Accordingly, we feel that an AES online forum that allows members to give their opinions and experiences will be valuable. You can access this forum on our website: www.aes.org/journal and then click on Online Journal. To view the complete explanation of this issue click here.

John Vanderkooy, editor

AES San Francisco 2008 Upcoming Events in Korea, Chile and San Francisco
34th AES Conference: New Trends in Audio for Mobile and Handheld Devices
Jeju Island, Korea / August 28-30, 2008

6th AES Chile Conference: New Trends in Professional Audio
Santiago, Chile / September 4-6, 2008

125th AES Convention: Make The Right Connections
Conference: October 2-5, 2008
Exhibits: October 3-5, 2008
Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA

Audio for Automotive Conference Call For Papers (Audio for Automotive)
The AES 36th International Conference Committee invites you to submit technical papers for presentation at the first dedicated conference on automotive audio. The organizers hope to attract a wide range of representatives from the automotive audio community both from Academia and Industry. This three-day event will play host to technical paper sessions and dynamic panel discussions and showcase new technology, providing a creative forum for technical exchange.

Read more about submitting a paper proposal here.

JAES July/August AES Journal Is Available Online Here
This issue includes:
• Papers on:
      Acoustic Measures of Concert Halls
      Optical Decoding of Historic Sound Recordings
      Automated Classification of Musical Genres
      Modeling Boundaries as Digital Impedance Filters
Feature: Signal Processing for 3-D Audio
124th Convention Report, Amsterdam
125th Convention Preview, San Francisco
Education News
Call for Papers: 35th Conference, London
Call for Papers: 36th Conference, Dearborn
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, Sound Track, etc.

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