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AES E-News: June 21, 2007 - 123rd Hotel Booking, Upcoming Conferences, June Journal

1. 123rd Online Hotel Booking Now Available
2. 31st Conference in London Starts Monday!
3. AES 13th Regional Convention, Tokyo
4. 1st Latin American Conference
5. 32nd AES International Conference
6. June AES Journal available online

123rd Online Hotel Booking Now Available
AES New York 2007
Planning for the 123rd Audio Engineering Society Convention is well under way, with the collaboration of a stellar Committee headed once again by Chair Jim Anderson. It is scheduled for October 5-8, 2007 in New York City's Javits Center. We have been working hard to obtain special rates on hotel rooms and you can now book them on the AES website.

The Full Program of the convention will be published on the website before the end of July. In the meantime we have added a list of all the exhibitors that have registered to date.

AES Conference on New Directions in High Resolution Audio 31st Conference in London Starts Monday!
New Directions in High Resolution Audio
June 25-27, 2007
Queen Mary, University of London - London, UK

This Conference is concerned with the promotion and delivery of high resolution audio, by maintaining quality throughout the recording and playback chain with current and future technologies. It reflects the tremendous recent growth of high resolution audio techniques and products intended for use throughout the audio recording and playback chain. However, issues remain on how to avoid bottlenecks where quality is compromised, and how to maintain and encourage high resolution audio in an ever-changing marketplace. These concerns are of interest to the audio engineering, recording and production industries, as well as to education and academia.

We aim to provide a place for the exchange of news, issues and results, by bringing together researchers, developers, educators, students and professional users, working in fields that contribute to high resolution audio, to present original theoretical or practical work. It also serves as a discussion forum, provides introductory and in-depth information in specific domains, and showcases current products.

On-line registration and a full Preliminary Program Guide are now available.

AES 13th Regional Convention, Tokyo AES 13th Regional Convention, Tokyo
Divergences of Audio Technology in Our Life
July 19-21, 2007
Science Museum, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

The AES Japan Section will hold the AES Tokyo Convention 2007 (AES 13th Regional Convention, Tokyo) from July 19th to 21st, 2007, at Science Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

The theme of this convention is "Divergences of Audio Technology in Our Life". Today the audio technology that has developed around music and the film industry is spreading to the entertainment industry, various mobile devices, digital broadcasting, internet delivery and the game industry. We expect you to discuss the future directions of this audio technology. We are planning the exhibition, the product seminars, the student program, the papers session, and the workshops and furthermore the exchange program among industry and academic are newly set. The convention program and the advance registration form are both online.

1st Latin American Conference 1st Latin American Conference
Multi-Channel Audio
August 19-21, 2007
Panamericano Hotel & Resort - Buenos Aires, Argentina

These three days in Buenos Aires are a must-go event for every person related to the fascinating Pro Audio world. The main topic, Multi-Channel Audio, takes into consideration the tremendous growth of the surround sound in the industry of Entertainment, as much as in everyday life.

This Conference aims to gather all professionals and students that have direct or indirect contact with the various fields of Multi-Channel Audio. The event's main goal is to facilitate the interchange of opinions and experiences among the participants, adding up to the presence (for the very first time in Latin America) of numerous Audio personalities with the highest level of recognition throughout the world. Registration and the Technical Program are now available.

AES Conference on DSP for Loudspeakers 32nd AES International Conference
DSP for Loudspeakers
September 21-23, 2007
Pharmakon - Hillerød, Denmark

Digital signal processing (DSP) offers loudspeaker system designers a very powerful set of tools. It may be as simple as a delay line, which hardly needs DSP anyway. Or it may be a precise and detailed filtering with just the desired magnitude and phase characteristics. Such filtering may be used to construct a single very accurate loudspeaker, or used for room correction, or it may be used to create beam-steering arrays or even wavefield synthesis. In addition to filtering, digital signal processing may be used for distortion compensation, or for enhancing the subjective performance by means of nonlinear processing. On the analysis side, DSP can be used to monitor in real time the state of the loudspeaker and model important driver parameters such as voice coil temperature. Through the last couple of decades, AES members have been in the forefront of this research.

Meanwhile, the maturity and price/performance ratio of essential system components such as processors, software development tools, AD/DA converters, and power amplifiers have reached a point where it makes commercial sense for a large part of the audio industry to apply loudspeaker-specific DSP in their products. Indeed, there are already classes of products completely depending on it.

This international conference aims to present the state of the art within the rich and still emerging field of loudspeaker-specific DSP and create an inspiring and synergetic meeting between professionals in the fields of electroacoustics, psychoacoustics, room acoustics, transducer physics, and DSP. Registration and the Preliminary Program are available online.

JAES June AES Journal Is Available On-line Here
The issue includes:
• Papers and Engineering Reports on:
      Test Fixture for Loudspeaker Suspensions
      Stability of Time-Varying Filters
      Evaluation of Direct Digital Loudspeakers
      Directional Coding of Spatial Sound
Feature: Spatial Audio
30th Conference Report - Saariselkä, Finland
32nd Conference Preview - Hillerød, Denmark
News of the Sections, New Products, etc.

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