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AES E-News: December 18, 2007 - New Facility For AES Members, Author Note, November Journal

1. New Facility For AES Members
2. Author Note: 124th Convention
3. November AES Journal Available Online

New Facility For AES Members
You may have noticed a new box marked AES MEMBERS on the AES Home Page that contains a username and password form. If you login to the AES site there you will be directed to our new AES Member Portal. This new tool provides one location to find all the different areas of the website that you have access to as an AES Member. That includes links to the On-line Journal, our free Tutorials, the Job Board, and the E-Library (if you are a subscriber).

The two newest features in the Portal are the links that say "Update AES Membership Information" and "Create Member Profile". The membership update page allows you to update your e-mail or mailing address, confirm which section you are in, update your privacy preferences, and a number of other valuable tools. You can also choose to create a Member Profile which lets you advertise your skills as an audio engineer to your peers. You can then list that website address on your business card to show that you are a proud Member of the Audio Engineering Society. Make sure to fill out the section called "Search Engine Settings" because in early 2008 we're planning on launching search tools so you can locate other members without knowing their profile website address.

We are also asking all members to fill out a quick survey about your audio fields and job duties so that we may better serve you in the future. You can find the link to this survey in the "Member Profile" section of the Member Portal or you can use this direct link.

Author Note: 124th Convention
Authors, the deadline for submitting a proposed paper for the 124th Convention has been extended through Monday, December 24. You can read more here.

JAES November AES Journal Is Available Online Here
The issue includes:
• Papers and Engineering Reports on:
      Perceived Quality of Loudspeaker Crossover Filters
      Feedback Reduction in Public Address System
      Expected Tempo Deviation in Music
      Improved Binaural Synthesis with Loudspeaker
Technical Council: Technical Committee Reports
Feature: Digital Broadcasting
1st Latin American Conference Report, Buenos Aires
Call for Papers: 33rd Conference, Denver
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, New Products, Available Literature, etc.

We at the AES wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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