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AES E-news: November 6, 2006 - 121st Convention Wrap-up, October Journal

1. AES San Francisco 2006 Wrap-up
2. October AES Journal available online

AES San Francisco 2006 Wrap-Up:
121st AES Convention Sees 8% Jump Over Previous SF Show

17,445 attendees and 420 exhibitors departed from San Francisco's Moscone Center last month secure in the knowledge that they had experienced one of the most successful AES Conventions in recent memory.

121st Convention Committee members had successfully mounted a four day program designed to provide valuable insights into the full spectrum of professional audio's continually expanding bandwidth. From a Robert Scovill keynote address focused on Live Sound, The Heart and Soul of Professional Audio to What's All This Analog Stuff Anyhow? a Sunday afternoon Master Class presented by Electrical Engineering guru Robert Pease, and Platinum Panels with some of the world's most successful producers and engineers, the 121st AES Convention provided attendees with the ultimate compilation of educational, historical and cutting-edge technological options.

"One formatting innovation we've paid special attention to this year was the introduction of a three-day Technology Expo," said AES Executive Director Roger Furness. "By concentrating Exhibition Floor activity to three days, exhibitors were able to take full advantage of Convention educational and technical sessions. The final results of this experiment are still being assessed, but initial response has been extremely favorable."

Convention Chair John Strawn adds that reports indicate more Standing Room Only Workshop, Paper and Master Class sessions than previous shows. He also points to a demographic breakdown which indicates an increase in younger attendees, on the student and professional level. "The technical sessions were packed throughout the entire show," he said. "This clearly illustrates the content was highly relevant and fully appreciated."

"Exhibitors seemed very happy with the floor traffic, and many attribute the high number of end-user attendees to the success of our 2nd consecutive Retail Promotion Co-Sponsorship which doubled its number of participants over last year," Furness adds. "San Francisco is clearly a favored destination city. We booked a record 2000 hotel rooms for this show. The up-tempo mood on the Exhibition Floor and in the Meeting Room halls clearly reflects a strengthening of the industry's economic position. We look forward to the 123rd Convention in NY's Javits Center next October 5-8 with great anticipation," he concludes.

JAES October AES Journal Is Available On-line Here
The issue includes:
* Tutorial: Symptoms of Loudspeaker Nonlinearities
* Papers and Engineering Report on:
      Small Loudspeakers with High Efficiency
      Enhancement of Self-Motion in Virtual Reality
      Playing a Virtual Guitar
* Feature: Binaural Technology for Mobile Applications
* New Officers 2006/2007
* Review of Sustaining Members
* Call for Papers: 122nd Convention, Vienna
* Call for Papers: 31st Conference, London
* Call for Papers: 32nd Conference, Hillerød, Denmark
* AES Standards Committee News
* News of the Sections, Literature Review, etc.

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