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AES E-news: January 11, 2005 - On-line E-Library Launched, December Journal, Reminder to Authors

1. AES Electronic Library Subscription Service Launched
2. 26th Conference: Reminder to Authors
3. December AES Journal available on-line

AES Electronic Library Subscription Service Launched
For a number of years now AES members have been able to purchase a set of CD-ROMs (currently 20 discs) containing all the AES papers from the Journal, conventions and conferences: over 10,000 fully searchable PDFs documenting the progression of audio research during the past fifty years. Now individual AES members can get the full functionality of the entire AES Electronic Library via on-line subscription ($115/year). Simply log on, enter your username and password, and you have complete access to everything in the library anytime, anywhere in the world via the Internet. You can subscribe at the same time you pay your dues or you can pay separately by reading the information found by clicking here. In the near future we will also offer institutional on-line access to libraries, universities, and companies.

26th Conference: Reminder to Authors
Attention, authors proposing papers for the AES 26th Conference in Denver, Audio Forensics in the Digital Age: The deadline for proposals is January 31. Please visit www.aes.org/26th_authors and get your proposal in before the deadline.

December AES Journal Is Now Available On-line Here
The issue includes:
* Papers on Comparison of Subtractive and Nonsubtractive Dither, Predicting Perception of Distortion, Redesign of Carrie Chang Music Hall, and Zero-Impedance Loudspeaker Surface
* Feature: Real-World Applications of AES47
* Feature: Digital Radio
* Calls for Nominations: Board of Governors, Awards
* Call for Papers: 12th Regional Convention, Tokyo; 27th Conference, Copenhagen
* News of the Sections, New Products, etc.

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