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The Dynamic Grid: Time-Varying Parameters for Musical Instrument Simulations Based on Finite-Difference Time-Domain Schemes

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Several well-established approaches to physical modeling synthesis for musical instruments exist. Finite-difference time-domain methods are known for their generality and flexibility in terms of the systems one can model but are less flexible with regard to smooth parameter variations due to their reliance on a static grid. This paper presents the dynamic grid, a method to smoothly change grid configurations of finite-difference time-domain schemes based on sub-audio--rate time variation of parameters. This allows for extensions of the behavior of physical models beyond the physically possible, broadening the range of expressive possibilities for the musician. The method is applied to the 1D wave equation, the stiff string, and 2D systems, including the 2D wave equation and thin plate. Results show that the method does not introduce noticeable artifacts when changing between grid configurations for systems, including loss.

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JAES Volume 70 Issue 9 pp. 650-660; September 2022
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