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Evaluating Electrolytic Capacitors Specified for Audio Use: A Comparative Analysis of Electrical Measure- ments and Capacitor Distortion Products in Line Level Interstage Coupling Applications

This paper provides a number of comparative, quantitative evaluations of 10 different makes and models of electrolytic capacitors. Models range from expensive parts specified for use in audio circuits to low-cost general-purpose parts. The datasets comprise out-of-circuit electronic measurements, total harmonic distortion (THD) fast Fourier transform (FFT) sweeps, and cumulative distortion products resulting from 31-tone stimulus performed on the components in a circuit designed to emulate a typical line-level audio recording and mixing console. Results are examined in an effort to identify any measurable properties that may distinguish "audio capacitors" as outliers from their general-purpose counterparts.

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JAES Volume 68 Issue 7/8 pp. 559-567; July 2020
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