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Creating Real-Time Aeroacoustic Sound Effects Using Physically Informed Models

Aeroacoustics is a branch of engineering within fluid dynamics that encompasses sounds generated by disturbances in air, either by an airflow being disturbed by an object or an object moving through air. An example of a fundamental aeroacoustic sound source is the Aeolian tone, generated by vortex shedding as air flows around an object. A compact source model of this sound is informed from fluid dynamics principles, operating in real-time and presenting highly relevant parameters to the user. A swinging sword, Aeolian harp, and propeller are behavior models presented to illustrate how a taxonomy of real-time aeroacoustic sound synthesis can be achieved through physically informed modeling. Evaluation indicates that the resulting sounds are perceptually as believable as sounds produced by other synthesis methods, while objective evaluations reveal similarities and differences among these models, pre-recorded samples, and those generated by computationally complex offline methods.

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JAES Volume 66 Issue 7/8 pp. 594-607; July 2018
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