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Determination and Validation of Mix Parameters for Modifying Envelopment in Object-Based Audio

With object-based audio transmission, a scene is distributed as a set of audio objects, as opposed to discrete audio channels. An object comprises an audio stream for a particular aspect of the scene, accompanied by some metadata, such as the desired level and spatial position of the object. Object-based audio offers the possibility of altering the rendering of an audio scene in order to modify or maintain perceptual attributes if the relationships between attributes and mix parameters are known. This research aims to determine the relationship between parameters of an object-based mix and the perception of envelopment (an important attribute of spatial audio reproduction systems), and to develop and test a system for manipulating envelopment in object-based audio in a perceptually relevant manner. An experiment was performed in which mixing engineers were asked to create mixes of object-based content at three levels of envelopment (low, medium, and high) while keeping the overall mix quality at an acceptable level. This enabled analysis of parameter values in order to assess how participants created different levels of envelopment. It was shown in a validation experiment that these parameters could be used to adjust envelopment to a target level.

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JAES Volume 66 Issue 3 pp. 127-145; March 2018
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