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A Database of Loudspeaker Polar Radiation Measurements

Anechoic directivity data for a variety of loudspeakers have been measured and compiled into a freely available online database, which may be used to evaluate these loudspeakers based on their directivities. The measurements are illustrated through four types of plots (frequency response, polar, contour, and waterfall) and are also given as raw impulse responses. Two sets of directivity metrics are defined and are used to rank the loudspeakers. The first set consists of full and partial directivity indices that isolate sections of the loudspeaker’s radiation pattern (e.g., forward radiation alone) and quantify its directivity over those sections. The second set quantifies the extent to which the loudspeaker exhibits constant directivity. Measurements are taken, in an anechoic chamber, along horizontal and vertical orbits with a (nominal) radius of 1.6 m and an angular resolution of five degrees.

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